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Dear Friends,

In less than 12 hours, I will be on the limo to JFK, saying goodbye to nyc once again.  I came to nyc by will, left by stress, came back again by miss, now leaving again by obligations.

I don’t know what it is with new york.  It makes me want to leave every once in awhile.  Or maybe it’s nothing wrong with new york, but me, the me that wants to be at home.  Would all this instability go away if I just get my own place?  Renting an apartment makes it seem less of a deal of home, but more of a temporary stay.  Now I just want to go home.

My room is now pretty much all empty, except some water bottles and boxes and lastly the comforters and pillows.  By the time I come back next semester, hopefully it’ll still be the same, and hopefully, I will decorate it to be more like home.  That’s the other thing, IKEA furnitures aren’t really furnitures.  I need that Crate & Barrel and that queen size bed.


I will watch the new episode of Greek now instead of sleep.  Tomorrow I’ll take a shower and make sure EVERYTHING IS PACKED in.  This is once when my luggages are still semi-empty.  Happy 🙂

Bye friends,

Bye Carol, and Yici, and everyone else I didn’t see yet.


See you all in September, 

let’s hope by then, I’ll have some semi-concrete plan of my future.  *fingers crossed*


Today I went to visit Serena’s condo at Hoboken. Visit her site at “


The town pretty much looked like movie sets like Gilmore Girls, etc.  It’s alot more low key than manhattan.  (Well everywhere’s a bit more low key than here.)  I liked her house soo much! and her two dogs George and Allen.  Lol Serena, let’s hope George goes to sleep fine tonight ahahahaha.

I spent my entire afternoon into late afternoon there.  It was so homey and once again made me want to have my own place in nyc.  Well next time I come back, we’ll see her place at Wall St.  It’ll be so fun!

I’m waiting for the last grade to come out.  EGB always take forever.  Grades are fine so far.  Will I EVER get an A from a Stern course? It’s so impossible as of right now aha.  My plans from earlier this semester kind of went afloat lol.  Maybe one day I should just take my computer away and lock it up.

By tomorrow afternoon I will know if I’m leaving on the 25th or 28th.  That’s either this coming monday or Thursday.  Sigh, it’s either stay for an extra 4 days in the city and spend even more money but flying business class to beijing, or go home asap on monday and stress myself out from all the packing and fly economy.

choices? haha

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Roh Moo-hyun, former South Korean president, has died of head injuries after a fall while mountain hiking on Saturday, police said.


Karen J. informed me of this.  Feels like such news only happens way back in the days, but wait not really.  If you keep reading the news, he has been facing allegations regarding taking money from a shoemaking typhoon.  How ridiculous, almost the exact happened to Taiwanese ex-premier Chen Shui Bian~ 

Now Roh’s wife has to go through all this by herself.  Just wait ’til more men leave their shizzles for women.

A rather comical picture of him.  

What would you say in times like these?  Bless his family?  or It’s all deserved? that he’s took so much illegal money?

What would you say?


Lower East Side of Manhattan
She goes shopping for new clothes
And she buys this, and she buys that
Just leave her alone

The male cover of this song, I can actually relate more to.  Especially for those of you who knew the stories.        

I don’t know. I do. I know. Hope everything happening this summer would change all of that.

Hey guys,

I’ve swithced to WordPress because I don’t think blogspot works in China anymore.  So use this now 🙂


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i walked around lower east side, the prettier side, for the first time today.  had the gelato tiff recommended and took the day as the photography of nyc – the foreign side, which ended up looking a bit spanish.
seriously some of these, if u don’t look closely, they can be mis taken for foreign.
then i got new bags, necklaces, and awaiting my mom to sign over my endless spending habit and ever changing behavior.  mr.robs asked if i had a sense of who i am and what i want to do today.  i don’t but as always, i know what i don’t want to do. and once again i told mom that ibank is useless for me and i’d rather stay home and have daddy fund me some money rather than working like a slave for 2 years and coming out looking 30ish.
I hope all my friends find the job they want.  Hammi and I talked a bit today and dear, I still can see the stressed part of you.  I know you’re trying to be happy and take things the way they are, but you gotta try a bit harder and sit down and look at yourself deeply.  This is the one thing I learned from my beijing friends, and I want you to take them with you too.  Without doing that, even if you let go, you won’t be happy because you’ll still think what you had let go before might had been the best for you.  I don’t want to explain too much because you know you can get yourself farther.  Just do it, but use heart-felt feelings at the same time. 🙂
Elaine, find a job, give yourself a goal, be open.  You’re so capable so stop using your ”finding discipline” talk to rid yourself of the worries right now.  It was your choice, to graduate early and face the real world.  So get up on your toes about it.  The economy is bad can only be an excuse for so long.  Get an amazing job and prove yourself!  I know you can do it, so why don’t you care more? (or stop pretending like you don’t care 😉  Come back to nyc.
That’s it for today.  I realized I made a museum date with Yici, only realizing I might go back to China that day.  Life.

A Russian guy left me a msg on my Picassa in Russian! lol. He thanked me in Russian for informing him of the name of the Swiss Re Tower.

Elaine isn’t it funny that you taught me the name of it when this entire time in London we referred to it as the pickle?
Today was my first time going to Century 21.  Lol Serena was also there! She was ”waiting” for me at the elevators.
I got a pair of Chloe’s and ALOT other things.
Aren’t they pretty?  Too bad most of you won’t see me wearing this really since I’ll be in China for the summer.  I really don’t make plans until the last minute these days and it’s a bit unhealthy.  Carol believe that this is part of growing up and becoming independent but I do think there’s a case by case scenario.  For me, when you weren’t with your parents for 2 years in life (i.e. not seeing my mother for TWO FREAKING YEARS when I was going thru 3,4, and only spending around 10 days in total during 5th, 6th, and 7th grade), when this is the case, I don’t think you’d call me silly really, for wanting to spend as much time with my parents now.  There’s alot of things in life, that you just have to make up for eventually.  
As much as I see the importance of having an internship in NYC this summer, I see personal freedom and time obligations with family as more important.  My grandparents raised me up pretty much, therefore I can’t lay on my bed peacefully thinking they’d be fine not seeing me this summer.  I HAVE to go back.  So many people in life come and go, but family’s been around for so long I can’t risk losing quality time with them. 
Hope now you understand why I always knew Investment Banking is a bad idea for me.  Not that I’m not up for the challenges it’d give me, but I’d prefer more of a freestyle life that allows me to fly wherever I need to be at whenever I want to.  See? There are reasons behind all of my motives.  I have to think alot on these because none of these is easy to be given up for.
An enticing career path, a warming family, a close circle of friends.
I don’t think people can find balance among these.  And when I’ve been blessed with not having much of a financial burden, I choose to have the latter two over career success.
So for this summer, goodbye my NYC friends who think I’ll be in NYC.  Goodbye people who’s left early who also thought they’d see me in the summer.  Surprise surprise my Beijing friends, can’t wait to go to vics mix, tang hui with all of you again!
I do have my next few years planned out as of right now.  Though knowing myself well enough now I won’t take those for certain yet.
See you guys in September.  

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