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Financial District

Posted on: May 17, 2009

A Russian guy left me a msg on my Picassa in Russian! lol. He thanked me in Russian for informing him of the name of the Swiss Re Tower.

Elaine isn’t it funny that you taught me the name of it when this entire time in London we referred to it as the pickle?
Today was my first time going to Century 21.  Lol Serena was also there! She was ”waiting” for me at the elevators.
I got a pair of Chloe’s and ALOT other things.
Aren’t they pretty?  Too bad most of you won’t see me wearing this really since I’ll be in China for the summer.  I really don’t make plans until the last minute these days and it’s a bit unhealthy.  Carol believe that this is part of growing up and becoming independent but I do think there’s a case by case scenario.  For me, when you weren’t with your parents for 2 years in life (i.e. not seeing my mother for TWO FREAKING YEARS when I was going thru 3,4, and only spending around 10 days in total during 5th, 6th, and 7th grade), when this is the case, I don’t think you’d call me silly really, for wanting to spend as much time with my parents now.  There’s alot of things in life, that you just have to make up for eventually.  
As much as I see the importance of having an internship in NYC this summer, I see personal freedom and time obligations with family as more important.  My grandparents raised me up pretty much, therefore I can’t lay on my bed peacefully thinking they’d be fine not seeing me this summer.  I HAVE to go back.  So many people in life come and go, but family’s been around for so long I can’t risk losing quality time with them. 
Hope now you understand why I always knew Investment Banking is a bad idea for me.  Not that I’m not up for the challenges it’d give me, but I’d prefer more of a freestyle life that allows me to fly wherever I need to be at whenever I want to.  See? There are reasons behind all of my motives.  I have to think alot on these because none of these is easy to be given up for.
An enticing career path, a warming family, a close circle of friends.
I don’t think people can find balance among these.  And when I’ve been blessed with not having much of a financial burden, I choose to have the latter two over career success.
So for this summer, goodbye my NYC friends who think I’ll be in NYC.  Goodbye people who’s left early who also thought they’d see me in the summer.  Surprise surprise my Beijing friends, can’t wait to go to vics mix, tang hui with all of you again!
I do have my next few years planned out as of right now.  Though knowing myself well enough now I won’t take those for certain yet.
See you guys in September.  

2 Responses to "Financial District"

oh helene =)

totally agree with you

❤ ❤


Really? China? Let me know which cities you’ll be and when! 🙂 There’s still a tiny chance I might go back too this summer.

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