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This is a re-enforcement of what I wrote earlier

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at

the stars.

— Henry Van Dyke


I spent the previous Chinese New Year in London. Elaine, Abe, Terence, Andrew, and I went to the closest Chinese restaurant we could find to eat some dumplings.

This year, I’m back in NYC, spent it at where I was two years ago. Reunited with some old friends, and greeted some new ones. One year has past by just like that, like an AST snap of fingers.

The apartment’s finally furnished and cozy. Mini house warming party went underway on Saturday at my last minute notice. Remember those days in Beijing when we’d just call each others up and decide where to go right there and then? Well, that kind of privilege is pretty much gone now. With my taking French five days a week at 8am, most of my friends call me crazy. And the other night owls pretty much do not see me anymore. To compensate I’m back on the American facebook and left xiaonei a bit empty. (The fact that I won’t get internet access in the apartment doesn’t help!)

Ceci was so cute she sent me a CNY greetings e-card. Thanks love <3.

Now I’m sitting in the Stern lounge looking at people walking in the cold. This feeling, it’s finally getting back to me. I’m on the ground where all that’s happening’s beneath my feet. I can choose when to stop and when to step over. Why become so competitive just because it seems like the new trend? Why get so nervous about the future just because your friends seem to not have it all?

Honestly, just stop, look up, then march on. What do we have to lose when we are just 20 and vibrant.
Once in awhile, spend that $3 on a cup of coffee/tea/chocolate, and sit down to look at those people on the street. Really, we do have it all. So just relax and let things come to you.

Once again, it’s the laws of attraction. Why hang out with people who stress you out when you can just go home and chill with the parents? Find that spot where you can relax and go snuggle up there.

Feel the wind that’s blowing onto your face. Reality doesn’t get harsher than that winterblow.

waiting for building management to approve me.

nyc has such annoying rules.

but it’s such a beautiful apartment!

i will get it…. and it’s snowing again outside!!!!

Can it? It’s just soo london-ish outside right now that I don’t really feel good. Not taking any cold meds makes sleeping not so great.

meeting up with roomie today. supposed to have sorority retreat stuff now but i have too many things to worry about on my mind that i’ll have to let this one slip.

I’m sooo tired now.. woke up at 5am. and i’m supposed to go to retreat and ally’s party… can’t even really open my eyes.. dunno where carol is but i’m sure she’s getting back tonight.

well i’ve officially found THE apartment. it’s on st. marks and now i’m just waiting for my roommate to call me so I can actually go ahead with this apartment.

It’s sooo pretty. The NYU buses stopped running today and no one knew! I stood in the cold for 20 mins freezing my arse off. good thing run into eboard Jess K and we talked for another 20 min and still no buses were showing up! I might get sick from this omg wtf…Sitting next to a heater doesn’t even help cuz i’m just toooo cold..

met up with jon this morning after a whole new year… chris im is nowhere to be found so i guess a high school reunion in nyc will have to wait.. this kid just disappeared! no fbk no pickup no nothing…what if he went back to korea and became a mob leader… that’d be crazy but ahahaha

Mom’s arriving tonight and I’ll probably have to show her the apartment I found on Astor place and she’ll probably think it’s a bit too luxurious for me…… sigh…… and with the whole thing of me needing another roommate besides Shi, she’s going to blah blah me…

Just hoping that she will let me go ahead and get it though. It’s so gorgeous and has the best lighting so far.

Didn’t go out all day yesterday because NYC is getting as cold as Beijing. Everything goes back to normal by this weekend though so yea meeting up with friends.

My Sharp phone is finally working up in the good city sweet sweet pictures coming up soon!

After a whole day of apartment searching, I ended up choosing the first one I went into but the last one I actually saw.

I believe it’s the building on the left, the beige colored one. Or the red…

Anyways, if I get it, I’ll move in by the weekend hopefully. The previous tenants left the building recently so I have to get it renovated. It’s got amazing windows and TOO MUCH SPACE! too much that I’ll probably need another roommate to balance it off. Otherwise we’ll just have to host house parties and yoga sessions here.

I’ll post pictures once it’s actually decorated. Need to go buy furniture and all that hassle.
It’s snowing in NYC now. Very pretty flurries.

Met up with Elaine yesterday after a whole day of walking. Steph just got back. Should’ve seen Abe but he went to Dimsum. and I think my thyroid glands are swelling up so today, no more apartment hunting. I’m happy with what I saw and now just waiting to get paperwork done.

Honey Bunches of Oats is the best CEREAL ever! wow I missed it soo much and drinking whole milk without worrying about all that chemical scare is awesome!

Mommy arrives in town tomorrow night, yea apartments!

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