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Now I kind of understand why some girls/boys I know would go out of their way to party/splurge/drink/smoke.

It’s not cool to be home alone.

Just for attention, maybe those become worth it.

Don’t you think so too?


Posted on: November 4, 2008

My intro to psych teacher Mr.Christian influenced me alot in my life. Most of what he said actually got into my head, which is pretty surprising especially since I usually don’t listen, which is probably one of the reasons for me to go to nyc because nobody has to listen to anybody else.

An introvert, is one who likes to be with him/herself when he/her becomes upset.

I thought I was right in the middle of that extrovert-introvert line. Guess not so true anymore.

When I opened up my blogger today. My three blogs came up (Each one has a set of blogs that belongs to a topic).

One love ended on dec. 20th last year. It started quickly and ended so as well. Life can be the same, except that people may walk on for awhile before they come to a halt. And the ones left behind, it’s sad to say how we’re all supposed to feel and do.

I want to be alone by myself for a few days. Thanks to all those who have tried to cheer me up and offer help. But now it’s really the time for me to think about myself, and do know who I really am. A PKU friend of mine told me, that he thinks I don’t know myself enough; and the same goes to alot of the expats he’s seen. To an extent he was right, and it alerted me. What have I really been doing? Being in New York, away from home, has actually become an excuse for me to not achieve anything special. I’m not as active in student body associations anymore, nor do I really know what’s going on around me; and especially for what I am working for.

But sometimes, it takes losses to realize the missing parts and the necessaries.

On and forward from my 20th birthday, I will make determinations. A friend is offering a kind of present that I’ve never received before, and it might be one of the most thoughtful I’ve ever received.


Posted on: November 1, 2008

i’ll try to finalize my travel plans asap.
kevin asked to go to tibet as a group. but mommy’s afraid of me not being able to adjust to the weather so well. so i have to do something else instead at the time and not see all my friends here for a week!

i think it’s about week8 of school already! oh wow. time flies and i can’t believe how soon i’m seeing carol and then hang out with her back in the states. just hoping that a.c. doesn’t take her away from me too much!

i thought of getting more involved in AST. so i can see my little alot more and finally start doing something ”real” for a good cause. Wish me luck~

Empirical finance is a really hard course. especially that i don’t know half the things they talk about because it’s all in hardcore chinese characters. adjusting well tho.

looking into LV and Bulgari.

Helene’s still single and not partying anymore!

Halloween was fun.

When was the last time?

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