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Posted on: August 21, 2008

dear all

i will be staying at pku.

man i wish my dad would make his opinion more clear next time something like this happens. i just need more of his confirmation and reassurance. daddy’s little girl doesn’t just spend daddy’s money but also needs daddy to back her up at times yeah?

some of you might be glad of this news, that i won’t be in nyc distracting you away from your busy selves and ur objectives (i.e. raising ur gpas, finding ur perfect internships, get as many bfs as possible in the shortest time).

i, on this side of the globe, will not have to force my mom to go to nyc tomorrow and find me an apartment asap. i’ve worked what my schedule would be if i were in nyc. it ain’t that bad. i’d have school four days a week instead of 2, which is actually better i think. i did too much during fall of sopho year now that i just want to relax and enjoy school.

thank you all for listening to me ranting about life and how fucked up this whole situation was.

i want to especially thank,
1. D money, for staying up so late at night to relieve my burdens.
2. Wei, for just giving me sum-ups of what my life has been and hopefully will be and just cheering me up in general.
3. Sayuri for sharing her upsetting london news with me.

and toiletbear, thanks for trying i guess.

i came home today from vacation and still have some of that cold virus i caught while staying by the beach. did my nails and now there are ”fruits” and bowties glued to them. totally fobby thing to do (i promise i haven’t done this all summer).

August 20th, was a special day for me last year. But sadly this year so much has changed and so many feelings went away that i feel unattached. i just want to stay home and enjoy my little life, not like a hermit but more like those living a quiet life.

but honestly, i miss parties and walking around in nyc and seeing sorority sisters mandatory or not. those kept me so busy, but now i choose to be different.

thank you all,
i ❤ those few of you out there.



I haven’t wrote said nor typed that word in such a long time.


Seriously wtf.!

So I checked my email this morning and received Updates from the Study Abroad office in Stern. Thought they were supposed to be good news and yeah so far so good, one marketing elective, two management. So okay, no accounting nor finance. That’s expected I’m fine with that. But what happened to EGB? I REFUSE to take that back in Stern wtf.

There were four of us initially. Andy used up all of his electives and I refuse to talk to him again if he goes back to the states. Shiyee, according to Andy, is thinking of going back. And Nick, I’m waiting for his email telling me his plans. OMG I DO NOT want to be the only one going. It was supposed to be FOUR of us!!! wtf happened??

And if I do go back to the States, I’d have to now
1. look for an apartment.
2. register for stern courses and the good professors’ classes are probably gone now.
3. try to fit back into the whole nyu environment
4. see people i don’t want to see.

ergh wtf. and after talking to my parents, who are pro ”i let you do whatever you choose to within bounds”, they did not tell me much at all. except mom reminded me that i would be spending 19,343 dollars in china receiving all electives and giving up on my philosophy minor and in risk of not graduating on time. and worst of all, i could of gone back on August 7th with my mom. I should’ve. I even bought my return tix awhile ago. but decided not to and instead of refunding me 450 dollars. i’d only receive about 50 dollars.

and omg.. just the thought of spending more money at nyu and not being able to earn my own money and the idea of my mom constantly half jokingly telling me that i need to earn all my tuition back within 2 years after graduation. Life sounds bad now.

so now i’m weighing my options.. which is more important to me? the experience or the academic.

of course i’m leaning toward the experience. after my times in london, omg i had so much fun, and think about it afterwards i’ll have more to talk about and omg chinese ppl sooo know how to have a good time. why would i want to leave here. and having the thought of people coming visit me i can’t even stop smiling.

so if u miss me enough send me emails of comfort or advice and in the end it’s up to me to decide. i did miss nyu. but now that i’ve been away for so long, i appreciate all these opportunities given me and all these choices i’ve made. going back to the states oh man.

i’ve got to email my adviser now asking for his advice. what do you guys think?

❤ Helene.

Posted on: August 14, 2008

I just came back from DaLian! NanNan and her boyfriend and I went together on the express train. The railroad and all of its associates have become so much better. I was not expecting clean seats, nice tables, and no one serving us. @.@ It was probably 30 degrees outside but in the train we had to wear long sleeves. Four hours later we arrived a pouring DaLian. The streets were covered with water. My shoes were almost gone. And we were all expecting the weather to be sunny since we just hoped it to be, so NanNan and I didnt bring any protective clothing nor tool.

*(omg my grammar’s becoming so bad, bear with me)*

The day of, we went to the newer Seaworld in Dalian (there are two). Spent two hours only saw the penguins and the whales and the dolphins. They were pretty tho. and their trainers are soooo cute!
Lots of pics taken here so go to Flickr and check them out.

Next day, we went to Discoveryland. They named the place after Disneyland probably. Even the outside fences look like those in Disneyland. Pictures are in Flickr as well. I have to admit, I took lots of pictures because I bought those dresses just recently and the colors look pretty on pictures. They pop lol

Anyways, so we stayed in the resort at the park, which is next to the oceanside. Went to the beach after we came out from Discoveryland. The waves were amazing! We rented two life-saving donuts, and stayed near the big waves so it felt like we were surfing lol. I got knocked out twice by the wave. Scary yeah, but friends were close by enough that at least i felt safe.

So on the boys part, I was supposed to meet NanNan’s boyfriend’s friends. Actually i saw one of them right off the train. But we had to part our ways since we were getting picked up by an uncle and her bf had to go with the friend. so then on our third night in Dalian, NanNan wanted me to ”really” meet that friend. But then we got so bored that afternoon that we just left and went home. So sorry, no boy stories really here haha.

Posted on: August 9, 2008

Shopping in China’s just getting better yet.

Thanks to the upcoming Fall, I get to buy summer dresses and fall jackets and combine them to make life all the better.

Got a new Stella McCartney bag today. She’s pro environment so no real leather but looks real definitely.
Got some new dresses. I like wearing dresses in china. They cool me down and I practically don’t have to worry about matching.

Going to get some bikinis tomorrow. I’m going to Dalian and the beaches on Monday. And this test shows me that I might find ”love” in Dalian. 😀

running out of things to write about. There’s really nothing much going on in life except shopping and making myself pretty 🙂

Posted on: August 7, 2008

I like Range Rovers, but not the people driving them.
Especially in China where guys who drive nice cars try hard to impress their girls, so they drive like they rule the road.


Watched Kungfu Panda, I liked it alot. Especially because hot guys work in the theatre in the summer. Brings me joy just looking at them.

The Olympics opens today. I’m going to stay home tonight and maybe finish those books I’m reading.

We found two places teaching pole dancing in Shenyang. They charge alot but the lessons are one on one. Maybe I’ll go try it out. 2000RMB might be worth 10 classes. You never know unless you try it out right? So who knows I might not be a great salsa dancers but can pull off pole dancing maybe yeah?

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Posted on: August 4, 2008

so when i conditioned my hair, my stylist gave me some free streaking. now it’s prettier.

for pictures, go to

i think u can find me there. or just go to flickr and look for china leah..

it’s been really windy and hot.. dunno where the wind came from. it’s not as bad as beijing or some other really hot places in china, but the idea of sweating just from standing in the light is unbearable to moi.

The olympics starts in less than 4 days now. I originally planned to go back to california on the 7th with mother, but the idea of coming back to china two weeks later is also unbearable.

so all i’ve been doing lately is going shopping with mother and spa and walking around.
i watched Hancock with my HSBC friends. it’s hilarious, but the idea that i still haven’t seen kungfu panda is becoming unbearable.

ahhhh i love staying in china. though i think now my english is getting bad again cuz i only sing to chinese songs and watch chinese shows. but then who cares, that accent of mine’s pretty awesome yeah? hahahaa 😀

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