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Posted on: October 27, 2008

Sometimes we tend to let our hair grow for the boys simple inclination to long lustrous hair.

I like it short and simple, but do miss those waves and curls occasionally.

This past week has been fulfilling. It’s satiating to understand an annual report, format a document professionally, eat at anytime I want, party as much as I could, and be able to juggle all of these at once. My skin’s definitely not absorbing all of this right and those cute pimples just keep on popping out, one after another. Whatever, I’m happy as it is and would close my eyes on all that makes me unhappy.

Here comes another week of fun and my 20th birthday’s coming up in…who knows how many more days. I thought of planning out a 5-day straight partying into my birthday countdown get together. But that seems too much event planning and coordination can be hard with all these exchange and local students. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just spend the day shopping around for my perfect birthday gift, which might be located in the Americas.

I’m craving good Japanese sushi rolls with real avocado.

So far Carol and the bf, and D Money may be coming over during the winter. Looking forward to that, and maybe I’ll have another bday party then 😀


Posted on: October 19, 2008

went to shanxi with friends and friend’s friends ;P
thanks darling for taking me along the ride. had much fun tho we slept most of it on the 7 hrs there and 7 hrs back~

there are these really old untouched ancient ruins of how chinese towns were like way back in the days. like when america wasn’t even there back in time.

our team just finished the jp morgan case competition. i spent my whole day, starting 8 am til 11pm with my teammates so we could finish this biz. i’m proud of our done work and will show u guys if i get into the finalists hehe~ the final piece just looked so pretty and i never knew i could be so good at making things looking so pretty 😉

Brian comes to visit tomorrow, but he’ll go back to australia on the 22nd i believe. oh i’ll miss this boy soo much~ ❤ we've been friends for 10 years and i have to go visit him sometimes.

now hoping my pku courses can get approved so i don’t have to take as many stern courses anymore.

xanga doesn’t work in china boo.

and my bday’s coming up in less than 3 weeks yeah?
cheers~ i’m planning a week of celebration leading up to my 2-0. this year, it’s gonna be awesome once again and we’ll have a make-up party for you friends back in nyu 😀

Posted on: October 12, 2008

shooters n vics on friday night then hutong (alley) tour for a whole day on saturday then dinner with my international pku buddies, then tea tasting club.

hooray i’m a busy bee now 😀
then sunday golf club, tennis club, then ballroom dancing club 😀

haven’t done much work. but met SOO many new local friends 🙂

now jpm case competition work to do booo

can’t believe it’s monday already..

Posted on: October 9, 2008

carol said she actually reads this, that’s why i’m writing in here 🙂

just for you love

i’ve entered a case competition with a undergrad junior and a first year masters student. we just had our second meeting today and we all happened to be water signs (horoscope). so we got along very well 😀 i like these people alot.

it has been club fest for the past three days as well. there are SOO many people in china. this population overload situation is serious. i’ve joined the tennis club, golf club, hip-hop club maybe, tea tasting club, venture capital association, astrology club, the dao club, and some other clubs as well. lol

my goal for now is to meet as many pku people as possible and get my presence out there 😀 this is the thing to do in china for me lol.

Posted on: October 7, 2008

i love my life in china.

went home for the national break and learnt that one of my classes got canceled for the semester, and that pretty much screwed up this friend’s mine’s life for now. and mine too~ now i’m thinking about taking empirical finance, whose final counts as 70% of the final grade@.@

i don’t know what these pku people are thinking. even their own students tell me how messed up this whole biz school is.. when they r called the guanghua school of management, but they can’t even manage their own things right.

now is clubfest, since i don’t have that many classes and i’m always waiting for different kinds of activities, guess i’ll go to as many of them as possible 😀 it’s like frosh year again! hooray~

haven’t gone clubbing lately, partially thanks to the national break i got a nice rest, and also my mom came back to bj with me so i gotta take her around too.

oooo cute boys in financial markets today.. not really but at least my eyes didn’t hurt when i looked at them.

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