Believe in the Power of the Universe

All these people leaving and coming thing, it’s unhealthy.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a change of scene.  So if anyone’s up for a short trip somewhere, please please let me know.  I’m scared of going to new places alone.
Photography starts on Monday omfg I’m not going to have a real summer until August.
Religion & Philosophy.
Try to understand this post if you can lol.
I was going to have some kind of food outing with Jon but I think he left for California already.
I really really need to get away.

Elaine’s officially leaving college.  

intense, scary, crazy, amazing, awesome,……
too many words too many thoughts
robs came to graduation with e and we watched john sexton, helen thomas, hilary clinton,……
Haven’t wrote much in here lately.  Not being under stress, makes me think less.  
It’s time for summer love.
and I need a vacation badly.
Who’s with?

I have a never-ending love affair with beauty products.  It started with lip-gloss purchases, I’d have 15 different kinds in my car.  Then eye shadow, brushes, compacts, colors, skincare, hair, body treatments.  Anything you can think of, and now even equipments.

This is a costly obsession sure, so I’m going to do that free-marking thing again.  I do it on my Chinese facebook to tell people what I use.  So I might as well add some more content to my blog.
So recently I’ve been bashing about Clarisonic. 
At first I bought the cheaper version without the body brush.  Then I liked it way too much so I returned that and bought this one with the body brush included.  Now I think about it, I could’ve just sent that one to my mother since she wants one too.
This is simply amazing. I even wrote something about it for Sephora lol.  Basically, my occasional pimples started disappearing afterwards.  And products absorbed wayyyy better.
To buy:
It’s free shipping and gives lots of gifts 😀  And if you don’t like it, just return it to the store.  Sephora has the best return policies!  So why not.

11:30 – first interview today

I had fine conversation with my interviewer.  She was nice and spoke with a bit PA or other parts accent.  She explained to me what she wanted and I believe I can provide her with qualities she needs.
She said she’ll call me next week after seeing the other candidates, or hopefully sooner she added.
4:00 – second interview today
This will happen in less than 40 minutes.  Interviews don’t stress me out anymore.  I’m comfortable with myself enough and know myself fairly well that I don’t get nervous anymore.  It is probably from all the jobs I did before and thanks to sorority for allowing me to get in contact with all kinds of people.  Also appreciate my MBA friends in Beijing.  They made me realize that conversations have no age barriers.  I can carry off interesting topics with people of any age if we both have a need to express.
Yet, maybe this relaxedness and instant familiarity with people are also hindering from getting some of the jobs I sought after.  You never know these days, what people are looking for, what forces determine who’s in and who’s out.  But I do believe things happen for a reason.  Not getting one might just mean something greater is coming up.  That I still have faith in.
Interview in 30 minutes, I haven’t studied for anything today.  Wish me luck in this rainy weather.  Maybe they can see how hard it is for people to keep composure in such weathers and realize what a great candidate I am. 🙂 (This is not being over confident.  You wonder how I’m so happy and upbeat all the time.  Here it is, see for yourself.)
Wish me luck,

So I KNEW there wasn’t any more ISP this week, yet when I ran into classmates on the street I listened to them saying that we still have a last session whatever and I rushed my shower and cleaning up to run to class only finding the TA sitting there greeting me with “there’s no class anymore”

So, when you know you’re right, don’t listen to other people.
Stern is so weird.  There’s all these people sitting here during finals week just because it’s finals week.  They’re NOT even studying for G’d sake.  Everyone’s either sleeping with their dirty grey socks on (and probably smelly) or incessantly rubbing purell in their palms most likely in fear of catching the flu.  The rest? Facebook, meebo, blackberry, but still mostly sleep.  So why bother making it all the way here from their own personal desks that’s only infested with their own germ…. I really don’t understand.  It’s almost as if just being here during finals doesn’t stress you out already.
I am now mostly done with le francais.  Still cannot get over the fact that I actually took a weekly 5-day course here.  I sacrificed trips to vegas, l.a., home, and alot other places for learning a language.  Was it all worth it? Je pense oui?  I don’t even know how to say I think so in Francais yet.  Bien sûr.  
I hate people for lying to me that there’s class here.  Now I’m stuck on campus for another 4 hours.  Ahhh help.

I have a final within 12 hours and I haven’t started studying and I don’t know if I’m ready or not yet lol.

And by lol, I do mean it.  Just finished a bowl of home-made noodles and drinking huge bottles of Japanese green and barley tea.  I’m eating more than ever since it’s finals weeks but at the same time I feel lifted and skinny even though when I pinch myself I can’t even feel the bones.
On another note, I’m sooo excited for this summer.  Photography classes, apartments, friends (so many sisters are staying in the city, it’s actually the first time I don’t feel an intense need of going back to China), las vegas trips, more friend times, WORK!! Can’t believe I’m excited for that too!
Aussi, wanna know why I love my apartment?
  isn’t the empire state beautiful today?!?!
I cried during senior send-off and next year at this time, it’ll be ours. *more tears* note to self not to wear mascara that day.
Bon Chance mes amis!!


Posted on: May 2, 2009

Hey morning,

NYC has becoming very confusing.
No one understands what’s wrong with this weather, not that I’m complaining it’s not 90 degrees anymore.  This flu scare, almost screwed me over with no place to stay for the summer.  Luckily there’s still some chances at some friends’ places.  The thing is, what’s wrong with people over reacting?  I really don’t want to say TOO much here. ergh
Hope finals go well, and of course that means I really should start studying today instead of going to a frat house to catch up with D.C…….

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