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Um, I got a phone interview with this fund management.  Should I call them up?  Now that I have the entertainment job and rejection from Barneys’ buying, I don’t know if I want to do anything else other than what I have now.

Oh well, suggestions?

Shiyee’s finally trying to have our semester as roommates on a good parting.  We’re still in the same apartment next year.  So stop asking me who I’m living with then.  He’s awesome okay?  As much as I complain sometimes, it’s just that I crave attention sometimes and it irritates that he can ignore me so easily.  How Asian! (that’s what he said actually).

Anyways, Tiff always make me feel relaxed and D$ is so awesome in telling stories that I should have gave more time to him and listened better.  Goodies.
ISP’s almost over once we’re done with our paper 🙂  I’m just happy and relaxed even though finals are coming up and I still don’t know where I’m staying at this summer.  Hopefully some good people will take me in.  Otherwise I’m just happy like a bird except there are yellow gooey stuff on my injuries.  And I’ve named them little turtle and strawberry and the butterfly.  ❤ 

During Recruitment, I rmbr J coming out with her reddish eyes and still maintained great poise and class while joking about herself.  That girl’s got guts.  I gave her major kudos and gladly wanted her to be an AST there and then.

Now a few months later, I realize it’s really not that hard to pull off something you’d think is so stand-off-ish and mildly embarrassing.  I can wear my DVF dress and Fendi sunglasses with pearls in my hair, and still show off those white wraps around my knees.  So what if I walk a little funny now, I’m in my pretty pink flowy dress that I bought with my besty T, that it brings me smiles when I walk on the streets (ignore the occasion painful grin though).
Like Y said last month, the amazing thing about NYC is, you can stand anywhere on the street and wave to NO one, and you wouldn’t look ridiculous.  It is so true!  I can walk as funnily as possible, but I’d never look as weird as those people walking “invisible dogs” on St. Marks.
So tomorrow, I’m going to wear my MaxMara suit dress and proudly present my ISP presentation, with my lovely white wraps.  Pardon the unconventional sight, and judge if you want, but really, all I really want is a friend walking home with me.

Major thanks to Tiff (bangbang) and ELF today.  Otherwise I really don’t know how I’d make it home.  Might as well just be stranded on w.3rd.

This happened right in front of choga.  I’ll go get food from them again and give them alotta tip! They were nice.  And nice stranger lady, she was so motherly caring and asked me wheter I was okay when Elf went to get first aids for me.
Then I made it to the student health center.  Ironically I’ve been thinking about going there in the last few days since roommate got a blood test.  Today I made it there.  Crying like a baby, and didn’t even have the time to feel embarrassed about it.  Oh my knees.
How convenient it is that I’m having ISP presentation on Wednesday.  Now everyone get to enjoy these nice white wrapped knees contrasting so well against my black dress.

That’s just a song.  Meant nothing more.

Tiff and I spent two hours napping in the middle of the night on my terrace.  Thanks to those beach chairs and S’s pillows.  It was breezy and we were glad that NYC is nothing like mosquito-infested Asia.
The Swine Flu has reached its way to New York.  During our ISP Group Meeting, we talked about it and I mentioned my mom’s cousin, who back in the days, was killed by the Avian Flu.  So don’t joke about these matters with me.  Such things are serious and people’s lives should be talked about with all seriousness.
I will work in Soho this summer, if anyone’s interested in window shopping with me during or after work, and get a cup of caramel frap with me from Dean & Deluca’s. 
I like my terrace and am currently taking offers to have dates with me tanning and napping and reading on my terraces.

I used to never understand why people would sing slow songs at karaoke.  It almost party-pooper ish.  But lately I’ve been doing the same.  Jasmine Leung, ALin, Yanzi… Slow but powerful, and full of emotion.

Yesterday I went to see Sensations.  Seeing the show as an audience is quite interesting.  How did other people see our crew way back then.  Were we as fobby-looking, mad, sad, funny, and super asian as this year’s actors?  Haha, can’t believe we all pulled it off.
Sitting at the tables, I noticed a girl, then a guy.  I didn’t know what to do, how to react.  Look up? Look around?  Simply avoid.  It’s hard.  It’s hard not picture what would’ve happened, that I could’ve been that girl, I was that girl.  It’s really hard.  Then two people sang this really pretty song that I didn’t know the name of.  And it made me even more nostalgic.
Passing the night onto K One didn’t bring an end of that either.  I’d sing and sing and hope that the guy might show up any minute.  That’s why it took me forever to leave.  Deep down inside, I wish someone could’ve sang that song with me.  The ones we used to sing together.  But I wouldn’t add them to the playlist.  Singing it with some random guy would ruin it.  
It’s unhealthy huh?  Oh well, life does move on, and I can’t just stop then and look at them from far away. (Sorry I’m being really vague here).  I was just sad.  And regretting this and that, and thinking this and that.
I think too much.

Upon request, the previous post is now hidden for my own view now.

Thanks for checking in on me friends.
Maybe it is just my way of getting attention.  Once again, it was not a hate mail.

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