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Through out my life, nothing HUGE ever really happened. I was in my own bubble. Nope my parents didn’t provide that for me. They’ve only given me a safe haven and financial stability, oh and the occasional life changing decisions and guidances. I didn’t have to work hard, because that’s not exactly what I believed in back then. 

After Violet Ball:::::
Violet Ball was awesome. It’s the 20th time that NYU’s hosting it, and all of us are 20 years old, which made it even better. It’ll grow older and wiser with all of us 🙂
Sidenote, as much as I love my Sharp phone. It’s still not as stable as the Nokias..
Anyways. daddy told me many times I don’t read enough. A conversation with A.C. today made me realize that I haven’t been following up on my words since November yet. Surely I’m working harder than I’ve done back then. But is this my 80%? Not even close! I party I go out I don’t do work all the time! And joining Crunch may be a significant move on my personal part but it’s not doing anything intellectually for me. Andy gets pissed off at me sometimes when he asks me questions and I don’t answer him with anything tangible or legit. He tried to involve me into getting to know myself better (whether consciously or unintentionally), but I’ve shut him off completely. Sorry. 
so friends, get me to think more. I’ll thank you with lots of loves and dinners.

A boy I met during le week-end said this. No one started this conversation by intentions. I overheard him telling one of our friend that one can love, but not be in love. 

A statement so contradictory yet holds true in its very own aspects.
Most of us are either around 20 or coming to the end of our Third year in college soon. In this city so large, we’ve played hearts and have our hearts played. According to Chinese traditions, we girls should find a suitable mate for life soon, or better yet, we should already have someone. Yet it’s not really how things work these days, is it? Our days are consumed by superfluous minor happening that we end up not knowing who we are and what we are. 
A Beida friend alerted me to look deeper into myself and actually contemplate on anything possible. What have I since then though, or more likely, since I’ve returned to NYC? Absolutely nothing for my personal well-being. We put ourselves into this term “busy” and stop enjoying ourselves. This fast-paced environment is almost Vicodin-like. It numbs us. 
Maybe one day this will all change, and instead wanting to earn money and get a job, we’d start walking away from all that superficiality and start learning life in the raw. New York City surely has lead us to grow in some sense. We have to carry all that grocery, furniture, school materials across the city, trotting on the subway. This IS personal development. But what else have we got? Such things become repetitive and we would start losing track of time and soon enough another year’s over. Just think about who knew March would be coming up so soon.
Spoke with Stern alum Fabio Mariani yesterday. He reminded me to follow “Carpe Diem” truly. I come back home and ask myself, why not! Every new step I’ve decided to take, will surely take me to somewhere I’ve never been. New opportunities arise with formation of new goals. Just who knew I’d thought of working for the UN and then grad school?
Now it’s time to get our gears on and ride down that hill in a free fall way of flow. Let the wind help you. Let the snow swerve you. Who knows.
p.s. I’m going to Budapest in about two weeks!


so you think I’m in a relationship hah

D$ introduced me to Greek, the TV-show about Greeks. lol how obvious is that! I highly recommend it to all of you college kids not just because I’m in the Greek System, but also that D$ is non-Greek and he actually enjoyed it. and still does I believe.

Greek Life is not all about parties really, especially here in NYU when we’re so big and diverse and that we don’t have a real house. Though I do think it’s much cooler to have a penthouse with the exception that not all sisters can live under the same roof. Sure we party together, but most important of all, I’m in for the sisterhood and friendship and all the benefits that it can offer.

The show is pretty Greek friendly. It talks about the ups and downs, real good times and real troubles we face in real life. It brought me back to that first heartbeat when I first stepped into our house in Lafayette back when I was still just a NM. AST’s filled me with so many college memories and has made such a great impact on my life that I’d thank it all I can. Who I am now, is part of AST, is what AST is. I’m proud to wear my letter and be with my letters and to show them off.

Truly some of the people here stereotype me for either being a Sternie or a Sorority Girl. Please stop doing that. We all get influenced by the people we hang out with (please don’t deny that). And it only make sense for a group of people to behave alike because when opposites attract, they become the same entity! I can dress up just because I’m bored or out of casual clothes to wear. Being in the City’s given me plenty of privileges like that. Please stop thinking that I’m off to pursue some other boys or whatever you are thinking in your head just because I’m in a flowy dress on a sunny day. I am JUST going to my chapter meeting! to talk about FORMAL IMPORTANT things. It’s just like going to any club events. So stop judging me. And of course, this applies to the point that whomever I’ve dated, doesn’t affect my beliefs and morals! If the guy’s a player, doesn’t mean I’m one too!

Oh all this judements in this world. Why can’t we all just be peace-loving and believe in forgiveness?

with much love,

Terence’s Birthday party was fun. It was okay at the beginning because he showed up late and people just didn’t know each other. Then we all slowly fell into that buttomless pit of joy and loosened up.

I doubt he remembers much of what happened past 1am. And for once I did not go home and went to Tiff’s instead. I remembered everything for once and now am writing on here. We went to Steph’s HS reunion first, then ate at Friends of a Farmer for some food, then Palladium because we were bored and had nowhere to go, then Andrew’s place @ Union Square. You get the deal and I don’t like getting into descriptive happenings.

Anyways, so 7:30 am I woke up on Tiff’s couch and walked home in my heels. Random guys on the street would say “good morning” often and once in awhile that kind of freaks me out, just minorly. I find out that my roommate has came back from his DC trip not because we saw each other, but that the package I’ve left for him is gone and the toilet seat is up. I take off my Prada dress and realize sporadic red spots, purple bruises, etc. At least there aren’t any cuts, or not until I can find one.

Boys vs Men. This topic has come up again. I miss all you manly men back when I was in Beijing. You guys were mentors/friends to me, great ones. Now I’m back in the City and people can just get so sucked into their own life that they don’t recognize alot of things. I don’t understand why some try so hard and others do but the message just wasn’t received.

I have some stuff I have to write about privately while I still remember what happened.

I should be studying for EGB right now. Well I was, but the weather’s so distracting. At least it’s not so warm yet that I’d just want to step outside right now.

To all my dear friends who were really confused on xiaonei, nope I’m not in a real relationship. Haha sorry for the bummer right after V-day, I know alot of you got excited/confused/dazed. Some things are hard to explain and I choose to let them stay that way. Met Steph’s friend Kexin and JeanPaul yesterday. Two very cute/sweet/awesome boys, I love tisch filmies.

My hair stylist Danny did not fail me. The style still came out well after I washed it myself. Though now I have to add ”combing/smoothing” into my daily routine now. Giovanni and Biosilk make my hair silky though I need to do a bit more for my original shine to come back. I don’t dare to color/treat my hair again for awhile.

My parents are truly moving back to China very soon. The thought of this scares/troubles me somewhat.☹ I’m going to take care of all the American bills and this and that.
Goodbye California.♡♡♡

I just must write this before Vday.
Cheryl Tiff and I had one of the best times together this week. We went to Nobu Next Door, which is one of the most famous restaurants in NYC. Thanks to Restaurant Week and Couture sales, I have now spent over a significant amount of money that I don’t even dare to mention here. Like over the amount that I would actually spend. French’s probably made me crazy though I did receive an A- and 100% on the listening part of the exam 🙂

Must get my studies on EGB soon, some last minute cramming sessions will be needed and I must meet up with AST sisters to discuss over planning matters. People get attached through involvement. Remember that.

Movies: I watched 3 this week. Amelie is awesome, The Earrings of Madame De… is better, Lagerfeld Confidential is surprisingly disappointing. Steph and Tiff has got me into fashion so much that I’d dress up for class sometimes just because I’m bored. And the fact that salespeople at Miyaki would think that we were from Parsons was just straight up flattering. I love what my body has grown into. Not skinny bitchiness but it’s got this flow that I can pull off couture YSL dresses that hit the floor hard. that cost too much so I end up not getting that but three other pieces of clothing which were all from Steph!

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. As overrated as I believe it to be, It’s a nice time to see men carrying around bags of balloons and beaucoup de fleurs.
I will update on my Vday plans later 🙂

p.s. Steph has truly got into the Laws of Attraction because of what I’ve told her. Keep your heads up my ladies

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