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Rainy days and interviews

Posted on: May 5, 2009

11:30 – first interview today

I had fine conversation with my interviewer.  She was nice and spoke with a bit PA or other parts accent.  She explained to me what she wanted and I believe I can provide her with qualities she needs.
She said she’ll call me next week after seeing the other candidates, or hopefully sooner she added.
4:00 – second interview today
This will happen in less than 40 minutes.  Interviews don’t stress me out anymore.  I’m comfortable with myself enough and know myself fairly well that I don’t get nervous anymore.  It is probably from all the jobs I did before and thanks to sorority for allowing me to get in contact with all kinds of people.  Also appreciate my MBA friends in Beijing.  They made me realize that conversations have no age barriers.  I can carry off interesting topics with people of any age if we both have a need to express.
Yet, maybe this relaxedness and instant familiarity with people are also hindering from getting some of the jobs I sought after.  You never know these days, what people are looking for, what forces determine who’s in and who’s out.  But I do believe things happen for a reason.  Not getting one might just mean something greater is coming up.  That I still have faith in.
Interview in 30 minutes, I haven’t studied for anything today.  Wish me luck in this rainy weather.  Maybe they can see how hard it is for people to keep composure in such weathers and realize what a great candidate I am. 🙂 (This is not being over confident.  You wonder how I’m so happy and upbeat all the time.  Here it is, see for yourself.)
Wish me luck,

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