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Posted on: April 28, 2009

During Recruitment, I rmbr J coming out with her reddish eyes and still maintained great poise and class while joking about herself.  That girl’s got guts.  I gave her major kudos and gladly wanted her to be an AST there and then.

Now a few months later, I realize it’s really not that hard to pull off something you’d think is so stand-off-ish and mildly embarrassing.  I can wear my DVF dress and Fendi sunglasses with pearls in my hair, and still show off those white wraps around my knees.  So what if I walk a little funny now, I’m in my pretty pink flowy dress that I bought with my besty T, that it brings me smiles when I walk on the streets (ignore the occasion painful grin though).
Like Y said last month, the amazing thing about NYC is, you can stand anywhere on the street and wave to NO one, and you wouldn’t look ridiculous.  It is so true!  I can walk as funnily as possible, but I’d never look as weird as those people walking “invisible dogs” on St. Marks.
So tomorrow, I’m going to wear my MaxMara suit dress and proudly present my ISP presentation, with my lovely white wraps.  Pardon the unconventional sight, and judge if you want, but really, all I really want is a friend walking home with me.

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