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classes for next year

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Next semester I’m taking 18 credits.

2 from Violin
4 from Blaw with the famous Prof Hendler
4 from Global Macro, also from a famous prof
4 from Ethics to satisfy my philosophy minor
2 from Professional Leadership
I know I have one more class, lol, and I already don’t remember what it is.
Why do I keep on putting all this hardship on myself? 
I wanted to take Photography II but in consideration of all these classes that focus intensely on reading and recruiting (though I’m still not sure if I want to go ahead and do that or just stay at my entertainment company)
So if I’m taking photo and philo this summer, I’ll satisfy one more class in my minor and apparently I can’t double-major and double-minor simultaneously I’m just taking photo for fun.
So black and white this summer and in my last semester in school I’ll see if I want to do color’ed photo or not. Or if I work at the entertainment company, I can always come back and do more schooling.
Yeah for schedule working out perfectly.
Still waiting to hear back from those companies, wish me luck 

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