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Japanese and Goji Berries

Posted on: April 14, 2009

My titles probably don’t make sense to you.  

Here is the breakdown of my day:
French (learned Qui, Que, Ou)
Wich’craft (Onion Fritata Breakfast, which I kind of got allergic to)
Nap (20 min, almost didn’t want to make it to EGB but prof sent out an email saying how important today’s class was)
EGB (paid attention for 3/4 of the class, I like economics because it talks about trends and money – doesn’t it sound like fashion and retail?)
MCG (The first real club meeting I attended this semester, guess what the topic was – tobacco and luxury retail, ring a bell?)
Home (I had to get ready for my interview)
Two World Financial Center (not-so-impressive of a building from the outside, but the glass panes made it so beautiful to sit in)
Sunrise Mart (I needed to get my shopping fix and buying groceries seemed perfect even though I don’t even eat much these days)
Home (Onigari is one of my favorite eat-at-home food, so is water, random drinks, cereal and milk)
So that was it.  So far I’ve finished my French homework for tomorrow.  Have two group meetings tomorrow. Sigh.  In need to brush up on financial modeling.  
Oh and maybe I should talk about my interview.  You peeps who went through formal recruiting, KUDOS TO YOU! Omgee I think I’m going thru interview burnout.  It’s not even THAT many yet but everything just happened in the past few days.  (Academically everything happens in the next few days @.@)  I really need a breath of fresh air and a leisure read at central park before the blossoms tether (is my diction right here? I don’t even remember the meaning of the word but it rhymes with what I really intended to say).  The two companies I met with this past week will call me back by next week (I’m assuming mid-week).  Let’s just let the universe decide my fate for you.  My dad for once is letting me taking an unpaid internship just because the name sounds nice).  Good Big names on resumes DO help alot.  I didn’t even get ANY technical questions, the interviewers just chatted with me.  
I need to go to Ricky’s for some hair products tomorrow.  Anyone wanna join along?  It’ll be a quick 10 minute trip.  

1 Response to "Japanese and Goji Berries"

Let me know when you hear back =)
I am proud of you!!

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