Believe in the Power of the Universe


Posted on: April 13, 2009

Today marks my first visit to Barney’s NYC Corporate office.  It wasn’t anything at all as I expected.  From what I saw, there weren’t big glass windowed rooms, none of that grandeur you’d think.  Contrarily, everything was laid out as normal as any other offices may be.  I guess there is no need to impress so it was all functionality.

I had one of the most relaxing, interesting interview – talking about myself.  The thing I like about interviews is that you get to reflect on what you’ve done.  Talking to the two ladies I met I realized how much I’ve accomplished.  So despite all that depressing notes I’ve written before, I gotta remember tomorrow’s another day.  And for whatever I’ve given up, I’m gained so much more!  So if I could apply any cost/benefit analysis, or calculating the opportunity cost and expected return, I’ve gained a significant amount already 🙂  
So Barney’s marked my first interview of the week.  It was interesting that Nomura was brought up in FM today.  Wish myself luck and I’m actually pretty psyched to see what kind of people I’m going to meet!  Their office is located at 2 World Financial Center.  I believe it’s the new buildings?  Because of time conflicts, I scheduled my interview at 4, which is also when I got to Barney’s today.  
Funny thing is, after all these interviews and observations and reflections, I realize how much I like Finance (the qualitative and quantitative).  The subject offers me anything I am good at doing.  Calculations yet with a bit of risk-taking.  And any minor things can bring in such big changes.  It’s even philosophical (only if I had the time to talk about that in detail). 
Tiff reminded me today (oh and thanks for the headband! I’m still loving it!).  I need to bring that belief in the power of the universe back! As I’m writing this, I can’t help but to smile 🙂 It’s genuine and relaxing.  I know I have ISP project to forecast for.  I know I have French Cadien Culture to research on.   I know I have FM homework and projects and EGB readings to catch up on.  See? I AM pretty aware of where I am and what I need to do.  So why should I even worry?  
Let me march down the street in my bow-tied flats and straightened hair.
Let the wind blow onto my face (oh why did W4th become so dirty though?) and make dirt marks lol.
I get to laugh at myself.  So you’ve got no ground to judge me.

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