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Posted on: April 8, 2009

Some people get mood swings based on what kind of jobs I get.  So it seems at least.  And I’m not talking about mon parents.  It’s more of a vibe that I get from mon amis.  They either care too much, or only care enough to want to know whether it’s finance related or not. 

Kind of sad.  So what if I tell you I’ve worked at a whole bunch of IBanks and guess what I found out?  It’s NOT for me.  Are they supposed to say “omg Helene’s so smart she did all of that!” or are they going to say “She’s only going to Entertainment because she never did anything productive in school except Sorority””?  I find it enticing to savoir what other people say behind my back.  eh.. Thanks for looking out for me?  [meant to be sarcastic]
So on the bright side, for those of you who become genuinely happy when I’m happy, here’s some more good news.  I got an offer right away for the entertainment company I interviewed at today.  The director is very nice and I’ll be working directly under 17 producers!  Anything that ranges from music videos featuring Beyonce, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, to gaming shows, major events, and just overall, ANYTHING!  
And for the summer, I can still do a part-time job on the side.  Even just for three hours a day, they’d like me to come in.  The place is just soooooo full of positive energy.  It’s like recession never hit them.  But of course it would but then they have offices pretty much everywhere!
To celebrate, I went into Prada and window shopped and will buy some shoes there.  Omg can’t believe everything’s so pretty this summer.  Too bad the Louboutin’s were sold out in a sec.  At least I got my Stella McCartney orders in and bought the bag today.  :D:D:D:D
And everyone seems to like my new haircut!  Even professors!! and mon colotaire.  Tomorrow I have a French exam so please excuse my French here and there.

1 Response to "Entertainment"

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. omg that sounds so coolllllllllllllllllll. lol. i will be one of those friends who grabs onto u and never let u leave me until u let me go see something cool. LMAO. def coming to visit NYC this summer. u best be prepared =].
window shopping in Milan > window shopping in NYC anyday okay? LOL. u know it's true =P.

anyhowwww. congrats again =D and i shall now proceed to go stalk u down to see ur new haircut! =D

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