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One more reason to love New York City

Posted on: April 6, 2009

The coffeehouses.  

Today I walked from school to 17th St’s Anthropologie and Espirit to buy bigger umbrellas.  I love the feeling of being protected under the hood.  It’s almost like a boyfriend thing. (jk :P)
Then from there I decided to go get some coffee with caramel.  And Mud came to mind.  I’ve past by their trucks soo many times in the past few years yet I never knew their coffeeshop was closeby my apartment!  If you read this, please do not stalk me there.  I’d still like to have some form of sanctuary to myself, that is, unless I invite you.  
So right now I am officially claiming Mud to myself.  And if you do go, I’d spot you easily because when I entered the doors, an Asian kid stared at me because Asians don’t go to Mud.  
So I requested to be moved to the backyard with the glass patios blocking the rain for me, while the table next to mine had rainwater all over.  Quite a calming effect. 
Weirdly enough, just as I finished reading alot of French aloud to myself, the sky cleared up.  It was SOOOO beautiful! Though two lesbian girls next to me started moving closer and watched lesbian porn right next to me!  How interesting.
So I was productive enough to finish two chapters of French review and loved it so much.  And since the sky was blue I walked out Mud extremely happy that I had to tip the lady 30% (not like it was much but she kind of helped in making my day).
I’m also thinking about switching to Verizon.  Who’s with me?  Let’s all get BBs and I’d start looking like just all other BB Crackers.
By the way I think my colotaire thinks that I have nothing on my resume.  So that according to him I should take any kind of job offered to me just to have something on there.  Oh if only he knew.  Haha ahaha he amuses me everyday with his odd and special enough comments (I


1 Response to "One more reason to love New York City"

The mud truck @ astor place! Oh I still remember how I have warmed myself with their hot chocolates in the winter of my freshmen year.. ❤ Lovely, lovely memory.

I've been thinking about getting a BB for some time, actually. But my mom (who I call most often)'s using AT&T so I'm not sure about Verizon lol..

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