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In response to Tina’s missing Beijing

Posted on: April 1, 2009

The world is only so big. In 12 hours I can fly from NYC to Beijing. In 6 hours I can fly to California or to somewhere Europe. With $800 something I can fly to Melbourne. It’s really easy to get away and to establish yourself in another place, another time, as another entity.

Oh wow that was actually speaking from personal experiences.

Only a few months ago when I first arrived NYC after so long, I wanted to settle down here and never leave for such a long time again. Who knows just a few months later, I’ve already wanted to visit friends, to get away, and to only live at rentals so I don’t have to stay at the same area. This part of me is like Beethoven, I believe he moved more than 30 or even more times. It’s not the restless soul in us, it’s more of a, um, one of those self-searching thing I live by again. Or maybe it’s New York. Talking to a high school friend yesterday who graduated from the city and worked here for a few years now living at California again. She said it was hard to explain what made her want to leave. New York can get so overbearingly tiring sometimes. It makes us never want to settle. I always want to move to a different neighborhood. Doesn’t have to be a better one, but just a different feel.

And tina’s entry made me think today (sorry I can’t link you guys, it’s in Chinese). Why have we been moving around, in the name of searching for something different, something that we’ve always wanted, when all we needed is that one thing. Going further, it’s not just countries, places, but also people, possessions. There are people searching for jobs even when they have one. Why were they not content in the first place? Did they even try to reprimand their way of living so to make the current situation better? Can we stay at where we are and still be happy and satisfied?

Seems hard to come by. What I don’t understand is, why so many people came to NYU for the city and decided to move after 4 years? Was it because they got themselves into something they had a different perception of? Or was it a tiresome yearning for more? What have we really learned from coming here? Paying 50k a year and realizing “this” is not what we wanted should not make any of us happy. On the contrary it’s quite sarcastic.

I’ll leave this part here and let you go think about it on yourselves.

Two interviews tomorrow and one next week. And some Frosh girl tells me how all her friends seem to get interviews and offers these days, oh sure, unpaid huh? Seriously, what was the point telling me that when it’s not you leaving school so soon. These underclassmen can be so clueless that makes me feel like I’d never hire them if I were a recruiter. Is this what the freshness that Stern’s looking for now?



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