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Sitting at Starbucks

Posted on: March 31, 2009

What an Westernized thing to do for a Chinese girl.

I’m sitting at the West 4th Starbucks trying hard not to study. Yici was probably just here last night too. It’s as NYU as anything can get during midterms week. Sipped in my light caramel frap which cannot be decaffeinized and now I’m jittery after popping a tylenol. All these intense focus on readings have made my brain hurt.

I don’t want to do anything. School burn-out can be a scary thing. I don’t even want to go shopping. Though I do need those Stella McCartney for Adidas to keep me motivated because oh yes I’m getting buff and jockey.

EGB was the most perverse midterm I’ve taken in the past few weeks. Can you believe it? I’ve been having at least one midterm per week for the last 8 weeks. There’s also one next week and then a group project due the week after that then another French project after that, then GUESS WHAT? it’s FINAL’S WEEK! And having two interviews this Thursday do not help at all in my crammed non-relaxing week. At least I’m finally applying to jobs writing my CVs editing my resumes and doing productive things for the sorority. Just wait til I answer with a “what?, what did I do in that job? umm let me think on that!” it’s been almost a year since I had my last interview, which was the most last minute unprepared one I’ve ever had. That’s because I know I’d get the job no matter what happens. But now, I guess it’s more of a hey do I like these people or not thing.

Real estate, entertainment companies, and other areas. Basically nothing Finance. I’m glad my mom realized in time that my Finance major is nothing but a facade. It does not represent me in the slightest way. Economics or Art or making things up or finding ways to counter argue my dad is more of my thing. I want to do that Voice lesson, that Violin lesson, that Nonverbal communication, and that wine tasting at Astor Place. That’s life. If I don’t enjoy it now, I’ll get old and look like an old lady trying to dress like a 20 year old soon. So that’s what I’m doing with life. None of my roommate’s Asian seriousness. Let life be fun. Don’t just have fun because it’s time to, but do it because it’s part of you. I really don’t understand that Asian part in him lol. It’s so serious and goal-oriented. Seriously, if one door closes, so many others will open up. So far it’s been a good month, I’m starting to get more interviews and been more accepting of what I think I can do. Possibilities within or out of boundaries. It’s like one of those super hard/intense research papers that are 20 pages long that you’d never thought you can do, ending up giving you a nice return. It’s that ”wow I can’t believe I can do that” that gets me going. Not that ”this is the highest salaried job I can get for now”. seriously, there are sooooo many things in life that can give you alot of money, and if you really think being a banker from the start is the only option, I don’t think you are looking hard enough and it’s just that you don’t have much creativity in you. So with that said, I’m not a settle for the status quo girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m out to get the world. It’s not setting goals but just work hard enough to not have regrets.

And on top of that, do you seriously think bankers make the most money right? making money by becoming another or a whole bunch others’ b*tches ain’t the first thing on my agenda. Life is about making changes around you and MORE importantly, making changes within yourself. Who knew I’d be so interested in taking pictures of buildings? Who knew I’d write so much on Blogger? Who knew maybe one day I’m that fresh out of NYU entrepreneur who just happened to win the lottery and started the most-exciting venture ever happened in the city? I mean that’s pretty hard to reach but it’s a start right?

Don’t end your dreams, and don’t settle for the initial returns. If working like a shit for 3 years then live on that is your kind of thing, I’m sorry. It may be what you think is the best and you might look down at me for not wanting the same, but I still feel sorry for you. You are missing out. And really, do you honestly think, that’s alot of money? cuz if that’s alot for ya, it’s actually pretty ummm low for me.

Get it?


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haha. i love this. LOVE!

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