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Even babysitting is a popular job now

Posted on: March 24, 2009

How pathetic has the market become. There are more babysitting jobs than anything else. Actually, babysitting was always there and not as much now. I guess professional mom’s have been staying at home lately thanks to all that wall street hates women thing according to word on the street.

Kudos to ELF for starting to blog. It makes my day to read about close friend’s whatnots. And Jun for closing up her blog…….

NYC seems to be the popular place to be at this Spring, even though it is probably the coldest I’ve ever lived in. Late March and still going toward the 20s, 30s,… even the weather’s not giving a warm and welcoming spring in time. Maybe the economy will start kicking in once we get to wear our pretty sundresses.

will be some serious updates soon, regarding where I’ll be at, what I’ll be doing. Not that it’s just France, Africa may be in the picture too. And by that I meant somewhere like Congo. Please excuse my spontaneity, it’s nature and all that books I’ve been reading and movies I’ve been watching. The world is big but if you just go around it enough times, it’s actually pretty flat.


1 Response to "Even babysitting is a popular job now"

sounds exciting.
look forward to reading updates soon! =D

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