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Budapest, Vienna, Oh Europe

Posted on: March 19, 2009

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This eurotrip turned out to be anything but warm. The first day we arrived was so sunny that everyone forgot they didn’t get into buenos. But next, on the Hungarian National Holiday, drizzles and winds hit us. Then it was sunny again except that we had to stay in until it got cold again thanks to a not-so-corporate corporate presentation.

Vienna is so beautiful. The weather report miscalculated and said it was supposed to snow! But for the first half of our trip everything was nice and Venetian. So pretty that it looked unrealistic at times.

Then today we came back.

Having slept 1 hr because our bus had to leave at 4am made everything a bit of a blur earlier this morning. I vaguely remember taking some photos of Budapest and Austria from above.

Stepped into my apartment and everything looked exactly the way I left it to be. Just like when I first came back to the City after a year, everything still looked so harmonious and in sync. Everything just kind of looks consequential.

A few hours later I received a skype message from Carmen. She brought news of Andrius’s passing away. Life, once again, seems so minimal and vulnerable. Though I’ve only met this gentleman for a semester and have seen him just several times, his positive energy and friendliness touched me in everyway he could without knowing. Someone so sincere and full of smiles. Someone so cultured and radiates that European lifestyle. May you rest in peace, my friend.

By the way, I will return to Europe very soon. Since nothing’s certain yet, I’ll leave this as a thought.

As I walked, I began to hear the sound of running water. It’s impossible to hear that sound and not go searching for the source.”
-The Secret Life of Bees



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