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Posted on: March 10, 2009

This is actually the first Chinese title in my blog. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just a song I’m currently listening to. It’s raining heavily outside. Two hours ago a Diplomat-in-Residence hosted an information session on the second floor in Palladium. An hour before that I went to Staples, dressed in my leopard-prints, boy-shirt, black cardigan, and that pair of black boots with gold buckles. I found the “regal” paperclips and “soft grip” binder clips for hanging notes on my wall. Just to pull off that “I’m a geeky girl” trend. 

So for that presentation, I came home, took off my boy-shirt, put on my dolce g strip lady’s shirt with a pair of b republic suit pants. Switched to a pair of Bbury flats and went out with that free NHM totebag. 

15 minutes later, I arrived 2 minutes early at Palladium. Half of the audience were Seniors, the other half grad students. The message was clear: it’s great to be in school, sucks to be out soon after not making any money for the past 1 or 2 years on grad school. We can put in so much, just for education. Yet on the other hand, schools and ”real-world” people alike preach the American dream, that we don’t need a ”background,” financial nor inter-personal, to build our lives. So what’s education for then? Of course I believe all that general education is necessary. But how many people have had a meaningful conversation with you on the inversely proportional relationship between the level of creativity with the amount of education taken? Okay I just got side-tracked here.

This current instability has given us all a chance to pause (note I did not say ‘stop’ this time) and shuffle through our past ambitions and goals. From the Investment banker as Finance-majors’ dream job to pursuing the Socratic law schools, to regrets of not entering that engineering or med program, to going abroad to peace corps, NGOs, or a safe niche, to secure government functions, and even to just simply dread being unemployed, college has never been so interesting. Who knew this turn of tide would ever happen to us? Who knew we’d get this chance of looking out for other possibilities? Really, as I stay up for a few more minutes to finish writing this blog, I realize how much personal time this economy has granted me. Do we really want to go back to that stressful, competitive environment? 

A friend once shared an article with me, about a lady living in New York in the daytime, and rests like a Parisian. What does that mean?  We don’t want to leave NYC because of all this convenience, fascination, and spontaneity. However, when all of all this is going on 24/7, especially with the help of technology, we tend to get grumpy and unappreciative — a breakdown would then be just a matter of time.  Live like a Parisian, silence your phone at night, write in your blog to find peace in your mind, go take a stroll on the street, sip a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate at your local cafe, have brunch with a sweet friend on Saturday mornings, sleep in on Sunday mornings…..

And soon you’ll see, I am happy for a reason. I am happy because I can rid myself of troublesome thoughts. I can talk myself out of unhappy, intangible matters. And at night, I choose to sit in my room alone rather than surround myself with pessimistic people. What’s the use of all that talking when you can just relax in a power yoga session.

If nothing works, go sweat it out. There’s a whole bunch sexually frustrated ones of the male species in the gym that’s in a worse state than you. 
(oh unless you’re one of them) 😛

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