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Vento again

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Cohort dinner again @ Vento. Jim the alum sat @ our table first. Maybe Stern hasn’t realized this yet, but people have been participating less and less in these activities. Not because we all have something better to do on a Thursday evening, but that we’re ALWAYS eating at the same restaurant! Vento, 1,2,3,4,5 I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been to this place. The only satisfying part is learning some sweet words from the alums and meet several new friends. However Stern maybe, it is pretty impossible to meet everyone.

So I was thinking about what I can write on here today. Who would read this if I were just talking about me,myself and I this whole time right? When I was conditioning my hair with some awesome Ojon products (Mich would say that I’m doing free advertising again lol, but you guys should seriously look into these products, they’re AMAZING), some recent memories came back. It is Asian related, possibly because that I just listened to Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain. (btw, I’ve been VERY into classical music, especially Nocturne on cello and violin) 

Anyways, so at my farewell party back in Beijing, Bailey was introduced to many of my local friends. Then he said this one thing that’s still stuck in my head, “Helene, how did you exactly manipulate these people’s minds to make them do such things for you?” By such things, I believe he meant why my local friends, who cared about their grades so much, came out just to say hi to me and give me a farewell gift, when they had 12 million other VERY important things to do. It was striking. These were people I met for a few months, but have become the most trustworthy, down to earth people I know. They would come help me move and send things away and come to the airport to send me off. It was so unconditional and touching in the most sentimental way. They were those friends, that you would just call up when you need someone. You know they won’t flake you off, cuz even if they can’t show, they’ll help you find someone to help!

Some local kids thought I was amusing in a sense, and that might of been their motive in becoming friends with me in the first place. I was this totally western-ed out girl that spoke perfect Chinese. It might of been a good release of sexual frustration and confusion. Many of them might’ve never spoke that much to a girl at all. Actually it was true. Jack (a local) told me that the sentences he’d spoke to me in a month were an equivalent of the totality of how much he’d spoke to girls in his entire life! 

Anyways, motives or not, intentional or not, I did NOT manipulate them Bailey! Carol (my sorority sis) came to visit for a few days and she commented that these Chinese people were so loving and giving. There was this sense of selflessness. A great deal of it too. And America may be in trouble now because we western-educated are lacking that by so much. All these alums are telling us to offer help whenever possible, to step up for whatever that is asked even though we may be lacking the skills! But think about it though, it’s that these people are in NEED of help, so they ask. And when we DO offer help, they appreciate it greatly because nothing feels better in a stressful time than having someone to take that burden away from you. Sternies are competitive. And it’s true that if we all just helped each other a bit, we could bring a greater good (i.e. rankings) to Stern. Yet such things seem ludicrous and distant when we talk about it because american education just never ”taught” us how to think that way.

So my friends, learn from my Chinese friends, like the way Americans tried to copy the Japanese management/operations strategies and systems. Just think about it. When you’re in need help in doing some homework, and your ”friends” sitting next to you in class somehow think it’s ”cool” to play dumb, how does that make you feel? Lonely? Helpless? Desperate? WTF? Dumb?

Call me if you need me, I mean that!
H, the peace-loving ”asian blonde” lol

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