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decisions decisions or any?

Posted on: March 5, 2009

I may possibly not be in the City during the second half of this coming summer. It is a bit early to decide because I haven’t received my PKU transcripts yet. But once that’s in, I’ll also make decisions on whether I’ll be here next semester! World Citizen may I be. Poor AST’s gonna have to have another treasurer? Oh right, I have to take sorority into consideration too then.

But the thought is, I want to go to Paris this summer for a few weeks so I can do alot better in French other than spending a crazy amount of dollars on learning it in NYU. Classes have been helpful but I think I’m ready to actually speak it whether forcibly or not.

And if I have enough credits to do part-time both senior semester, I might as well just go to Spain and Italy after Paris. China will be squeezed somewhere in there, but not for long. I think daddy will see me crazy. Mommy will just sigh and accept the fact that I always just make up my mind and do it. I won’t take a “no.” (but I do sometimes though they just don’t enforce anything on me).

If that’s the case, alot of you won’t see me again! I’m sorry I have to leave but it’s for my own good and it just feels right. I’d feel incomplete and there might be regrets if I don’t do something like this. Thanks to my parents for all the love and financial support they have given me. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel so feel. Though at one point or another I have to figure out how I can use my ”worldliness” to profit. I’m a biz person after all.. law school, harvard yale princeton, whatever I’ll have to do, I’ll do it.

So you think Helene doesn’t do much, don’t have to do much?
Just don’t get scared when you see me all focused and goal-driven 😉

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