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Posted on: March 3, 2009

When I was a child

I spoke like a child
thought like a child
and reasoned like a child.
When I became a man,
I gave up my childish ways.
– 1 Corinthians 13:11

I am no religious advocate, 
but this passage strikes me.
Strikes me at how often we hear such phrases.
TV shows, movies, songs
all make allusions to it.
And here it is
I find its origination.

We may see giving up childish ways as a sacrifice or a part of growing up. Law school is a scary thought. Just upon receiving my practice books, people started to tell me the dark side of law school admissions. I don’t have the GPA to make it, maybe this can change if I stayed in school longer. I have no clue of what is tested on the LSAT. (This is the most unprepared I’ve felt in years). Just when I started to think that I can begin my conquest of the unknown, the known and definite drops. Giving up? Doesn’t seem to be a choice. Bring GRE into the question? Too much burden on me. Test prep really shouldn’t take over my life. But if I do believe so, what am I doing now? Why am I interested in Law School all of a sudden and all that fashion biz crap seems ludicrous so quickly?

We’ll all be dead and gone one day. Though biological limitations can put a Stop sign in front of us, they don’t necessarily bound us in thought explorations. Should I really do law school right after graduation? Or should I look more into it first? What would happen to my pursuit of a more liberal art education? Did I ever take the time to think about this? Why do I want to practice law? Do I really want to? or is it just one of the many childish impulses I have in my imaginary world of success and optimistic balloons? 


1 Response to "balloons"

nyu advising advises (lol) to work for a few years before law school. not sure why.

come play with me all summer longggg 😀

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