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I Shall Believe

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Through out my life, nothing HUGE ever really happened. I was in my own bubble. Nope my parents didn’t provide that for me. They’ve only given me a safe haven and financial stability, oh and the occasional life changing decisions and guidances. I didn’t have to work hard, because that’s not exactly what I believed in back then. 

After Violet Ball:::::
Violet Ball was awesome. It’s the 20th time that NYU’s hosting it, and all of us are 20 years old, which made it even better. It’ll grow older and wiser with all of us 🙂
Sidenote, as much as I love my Sharp phone. It’s still not as stable as the Nokias..
Anyways. daddy told me many times I don’t read enough. A conversation with A.C. today made me realize that I haven’t been following up on my words since November yet. Surely I’m working harder than I’ve done back then. But is this my 80%? Not even close! I party I go out I don’t do work all the time! And joining Crunch may be a significant move on my personal part but it’s not doing anything intellectually for me. Andy gets pissed off at me sometimes when he asks me questions and I don’t answer him with anything tangible or legit. He tried to involve me into getting to know myself better (whether consciously or unintentionally), but I’ve shut him off completely. Sorry. 
so friends, get me to think more. I’ll thank you with lots of loves and dinners.

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