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"I want to love, but not being IN love"

Posted on: February 24, 2009

A boy I met during le week-end said this. No one started this conversation by intentions. I overheard him telling one of our friend that one can love, but not be in love. 

A statement so contradictory yet holds true in its very own aspects.
Most of us are either around 20 or coming to the end of our Third year in college soon. In this city so large, we’ve played hearts and have our hearts played. According to Chinese traditions, we girls should find a suitable mate for life soon, or better yet, we should already have someone. Yet it’s not really how things work these days, is it? Our days are consumed by superfluous minor happening that we end up not knowing who we are and what we are. 
A Beida friend alerted me to look deeper into myself and actually contemplate on anything possible. What have I since then though, or more likely, since I’ve returned to NYC? Absolutely nothing for my personal well-being. We put ourselves into this term “busy” and stop enjoying ourselves. This fast-paced environment is almost Vicodin-like. It numbs us. 
Maybe one day this will all change, and instead wanting to earn money and get a job, we’d start walking away from all that superficiality and start learning life in the raw. New York City surely has lead us to grow in some sense. We have to carry all that grocery, furniture, school materials across the city, trotting on the subway. This IS personal development. But what else have we got? Such things become repetitive and we would start losing track of time and soon enough another year’s over. Just think about who knew March would be coming up so soon.
Spoke with Stern alum Fabio Mariani yesterday. He reminded me to follow “Carpe Diem” truly. I come back home and ask myself, why not! Every new step I’ve decided to take, will surely take me to somewhere I’ve never been. New opportunities arise with formation of new goals. Just who knew I’d thought of working for the UN and then grad school?
Now it’s time to get our gears on and ride down that hill in a free fall way of flow. Let the wind help you. Let the snow swerve you. Who knows.
p.s. I’m going to Budapest in about two weeks!

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