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Posted on: February 19, 2009

D$ introduced me to Greek, the TV-show about Greeks. lol how obvious is that! I highly recommend it to all of you college kids not just because I’m in the Greek System, but also that D$ is non-Greek and he actually enjoyed it. and still does I believe.

Greek Life is not all about parties really, especially here in NYU when we’re so big and diverse and that we don’t have a real house. Though I do think it’s much cooler to have a penthouse with the exception that not all sisters can live under the same roof. Sure we party together, but most important of all, I’m in for the sisterhood and friendship and all the benefits that it can offer.

The show is pretty Greek friendly. It talks about the ups and downs, real good times and real troubles we face in real life. It brought me back to that first heartbeat when I first stepped into our house in Lafayette back when I was still just a NM. AST’s filled me with so many college memories and has made such a great impact on my life that I’d thank it all I can. Who I am now, is part of AST, is what AST is. I’m proud to wear my letter and be with my letters and to show them off.

Truly some of the people here stereotype me for either being a Sternie or a Sorority Girl. Please stop doing that. We all get influenced by the people we hang out with (please don’t deny that). And it only make sense for a group of people to behave alike because when opposites attract, they become the same entity! I can dress up just because I’m bored or out of casual clothes to wear. Being in the City’s given me plenty of privileges like that. Please stop thinking that I’m off to pursue some other boys or whatever you are thinking in your head just because I’m in a flowy dress on a sunny day. I am JUST going to my chapter meeting! to talk about FORMAL IMPORTANT things. It’s just like going to any club events. So stop judging me. And of course, this applies to the point that whomever I’ve dated, doesn’t affect my beliefs and morals! If the guy’s a player, doesn’t mean I’m one too!

Oh all this judements in this world. Why can’t we all just be peace-loving and believe in forgiveness?

with much love,


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