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Life and Lame

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Terence’s Birthday party was fun. It was okay at the beginning because he showed up late and people just didn’t know each other. Then we all slowly fell into that buttomless pit of joy and loosened up.

I doubt he remembers much of what happened past 1am. And for once I did not go home and went to Tiff’s instead. I remembered everything for once and now am writing on here. We went to Steph’s HS reunion first, then ate at Friends of a Farmer for some food, then Palladium because we were bored and had nowhere to go, then Andrew’s place @ Union Square. You get the deal and I don’t like getting into descriptive happenings.

Anyways, so 7:30 am I woke up on Tiff’s couch and walked home in my heels. Random guys on the street would say “good morning” often and once in awhile that kind of freaks me out, just minorly. I find out that my roommate has came back from his DC trip not because we saw each other, but that the package I’ve left for him is gone and the toilet seat is up. I take off my Prada dress and realize sporadic red spots, purple bruises, etc. At least there aren’t any cuts, or not until I can find one.

Boys vs Men. This topic has come up again. I miss all you manly men back when I was in Beijing. You guys were mentors/friends to me, great ones. Now I’m back in the City and people can just get so sucked into their own life that they don’t recognize alot of things. I don’t understand why some try so hard and others do but the message just wasn’t received.

I have some stuff I have to write about privately while I still remember what happened.


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Who is ur roommate, dear?

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