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Posted on: February 15, 2009

I should be studying for EGB right now. Well I was, but the weather’s so distracting. At least it’s not so warm yet that I’d just want to step outside right now.

To all my dear friends who were really confused on xiaonei, nope I’m not in a real relationship. Haha sorry for the bummer right after V-day, I know alot of you got excited/confused/dazed. Some things are hard to explain and I choose to let them stay that way. Met Steph’s friend Kexin and JeanPaul yesterday. Two very cute/sweet/awesome boys, I love tisch filmies.

My hair stylist Danny did not fail me. The style still came out well after I washed it myself. Though now I have to add ”combing/smoothing” into my daily routine now. Giovanni and Biosilk make my hair silky though I need to do a bit more for my original shine to come back. I don’t dare to color/treat my hair again for awhile.

My parents are truly moving back to China very soon. The thought of this scares/troubles me somewhat.☹ I’m going to take care of all the American bills and this and that.
Goodbye California.♡♡♡


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