Believe in the Power of the Universe


Posted on: February 13, 2009

I just must write this before Vday.
Cheryl Tiff and I had one of the best times together this week. We went to Nobu Next Door, which is one of the most famous restaurants in NYC. Thanks to Restaurant Week and Couture sales, I have now spent over a significant amount of money that I don’t even dare to mention here. Like over the amount that I would actually spend. French’s probably made me crazy though I did receive an A- and 100% on the listening part of the exam 🙂

Must get my studies on EGB soon, some last minute cramming sessions will be needed and I must meet up with AST sisters to discuss over planning matters. People get attached through involvement. Remember that.

Movies: I watched 3 this week. Amelie is awesome, The Earrings of Madame De… is better, Lagerfeld Confidential is surprisingly disappointing. Steph and Tiff has got me into fashion so much that I’d dress up for class sometimes just because I’m bored. And the fact that salespeople at Miyaki would think that we were from Parsons was just straight up flattering. I love what my body has grown into. Not skinny bitchiness but it’s got this flow that I can pull off couture YSL dresses that hit the floor hard. that cost too much so I end up not getting that but three other pieces of clothing which were all from Steph!

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. As overrated as I believe it to be, It’s a nice time to see men carrying around bags of balloons and beaucoup de fleurs.
I will update on my Vday plans later 🙂

p.s. Steph has truly got into the Laws of Attraction because of what I’ve told her. Keep your heads up my ladies


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Laws of Attraction?

haha it’s referring to my other friend steph ~

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