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times changes things

Posted on: February 8, 2009

“Funny Girl” is playing in the background.
Breast Cancer Ball’s “Single Ladies” is still jamming in my head.
Continuously refreshing facebook to check on new pictures, then seeing something that I probably would not want to see, but is alarming/alerting/suggesting to find out. (That’s what Facebook is for huh).
You see, time do changes things. I can’t leave for a semester, a summer, or a year, and come back as if nothing has changed, as if my friends would remain the same, and feelings unaltered.
Nope, life doesn’t work that way. You cannot talk to a person with too many ”it” because ”it” will confuse the other on what you’re truly referring to. So many ”can’t’s” here and I am supposed to be this optimistic.

In times like this, you can unfold feelings. But they cannot get out other than within the immediate circle of friends. In this past week, I’ve found true friends that I’d value and love. Though I also found friends gone and missing, and those feelings would just be suppressed once more. I guess it runs in the family, once in awhile I’d just realize what’s actually going on or what should happen a bit later. Usually things will work out for me in the end, so I’m hoping it’ll be the same with these friends.

Spring is finally on its tips, and I’m sure, a girl totting around with her cameras would catch someone in the lens soon 🙂


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P.S. Obsessed with the title of your site too!

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