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stern’s 3rd lounge – for now off-limits

Posted on: February 4, 2009

That lounge used to be one of my favorite places in Stern! It was refreshing when first opened to public. But THIS EFFING YEAR! all these people jam up the place and are just there to walk in a frenzy all over the place! Can’t stand this.

Seriously, with all these ”hiring freezes” who’s really going to get a whole bunch offers? I know this may sound too pessimistic of me, but did anyone actually think clearly before they clicked ”Apply?” If they really read WSJ everyday to prepare for their interviews and followed the news just a bit, wouldn’t they feel that the Finance biz will be going down the drain for another while?

Okay okay, stay positive. I love FRENCH dearly now. It’s hard and we’re going in a pace much faster than my capacity to take-in. But isn’t this what learning is really about? I don’t understand why people are complaining so much about interviews when they’re juniors and are supposed to develop themselves inside and out, NOT complaining about classes when they haven’t even read a chapter!

Learning is about interest and character. While learning French and all these other Stern classes, I’ve realized how much more I can do. Greening, VC, Fashion, Education, and even Politics! All these possibilities are out there for us but some people are just fixated on i-bank jobs.

Sternie: I applied to blah blah blah. I’m so stressed.
Moi: Do you have a back-up?
Sternie: No. I’m so stressed.

Seriously people, you are stressed because you’ve found no alternatives in life! This only surfaces one thing: that you! yourselves have limited your possibilities! Have you really walked around NYC? Have you actually got a chance to see what’s out there? Have you really seen the Rich Life?

Obviously, I guess they haven’t. Life’s not about giving up your family and friends, and even more important your body and health. It’s certainly NOT about enslaving yourselves to floor-to-ceiling windowed offices in midtown or on wall street. We should NOT close our own doors.

Or I guess lacking an exposure to liberal art studies really makes a difference? Or is this due to the ways people are brought up? Some might laugh at me and say that I have all the time to think about such things because I have no interviews to worry about and I’m not being INTENSE enough or even ambitious enough. But a CAS friend was right though, being ambitious is NOT just about making alot of money right after graduation. There are other things attached. And of course with money comes sacrifices, and I of all people should know that.

Why do we have to pressure ourselves so much to something that will ultimately make you unhappy. Daddy taught me that doesn’t matter how much you hate your work, when the paychecks are cashed, all complains begone. As much truth as I find in that (because I AM a daddy’s little girl and I listen to everything he says), I think I prefer searching for that nirvana rather than be someone else’s lil’ biatch.

Let’s believe that realism and idealism DO intersect at some point.
It’ll only take some time ’til you realize that everything will come together.
Really 🙂

For those of you who need emotional support now, 😀 for you. Cheer up, your interviewers will appreciate it too 🙂



3 Responses to "stern’s 3rd lounge – for now off-limits"

I like liberal arts also. And now i see why so many think Sternies are boring. > < Obviously not all of us.

insightful helene
breaking the typical sternie mold!

i’m ironically sitting in the lounge now. and usually ppl don’t start talkin about it at this time… it as in interview prep blah blah… ewww they’re disgusting me i have to move!

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