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boy troubles

Posted on: February 1, 2009

I never expected this to happen anytime soon, or let’s say anytime around now. Now that panhellenic recruitment’s over, I realize how soon AST’s annual Breast Cancer Ball’s happening. This time, is the biggest BCB event we’ve ever done. We’ve got help from several fraternities and sororities (kudos to them) and we’re expecting a large number of people.

Now the problem with being single just popped up from nowhere. (well, of course from somewhere, but still.) After going abroad for a whole year, I jumped right back into the sorority scene. So this time, I actually want to take this event seriously (of course I did before, but in terms of the .. u’ll see). This brings up this problem, being single’s good, but omgee, who knew when it’s time for a DATE, things can get SOOO frustrating. And by date, I actually do mean a boy.

You know that feeling? When it’s time you actually think about date potentials, there are of course a few candidates popping up in mind. But then, you get scared at how things might be awkward..before, during, or after the dance. And that’s when some people would just tell you, oh go get some alcohol and all’s gonna be fine? Or it’s when you don’t want or you do want the guy to think more about the ”would you like to come with me?” Why am I so awkward so often? If you don’t think so, I’m hiding it well.. but ohemgee.. this is torture.

I can be eccentric and not think about the consequences at all and just go ahead and ask someone. But now we’re all juniors and if this is not the time to start thinking, then when should we?! And it’s sad I don’t have THAT many people to ask for help, not like we should be asking too many people and get my whole secret or whatever you call it out there.

If I had the chance, I wish I’d be going with this cute boy whom I don’t know as of right now.

And also, if you can think of potential people for me to go, go ahead and set me up with a blind date. LOL. it’s not like I haven’t been to any of those. As awkward as those can be, it’s all for good memories. hahhahaha


1 Response to "boy troubles"

oh boy, i totally understand how you feel.
feel like getting old too quickly as a junior.
oh boy!!

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