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mom’s here in nyc

Posted on: January 17, 2009

I’m sooo tired now.. woke up at 5am. and i’m supposed to go to retreat and ally’s party… can’t even really open my eyes.. dunno where carol is but i’m sure she’s getting back tonight.

well i’ve officially found THE apartment. it’s on st. marks and now i’m just waiting for my roommate to call me so I can actually go ahead with this apartment.

It’s sooo pretty. The NYU buses stopped running today and no one knew! I stood in the cold for 20 mins freezing my arse off. good thing run into eboard Jess K and we talked for another 20 min and still no buses were showing up! I might get sick from this omg wtf…Sitting next to a heater doesn’t even help cuz i’m just toooo cold..

met up with jon this morning after a whole new year… chris im is nowhere to be found so i guess a high school reunion in nyc will have to wait.. this kid just disappeared! no fbk no pickup no nothing…what if he went back to korea and became a mob leader… that’d be crazy but ahahaha


1 Response to "mom’s here in nyc"

lol mommie’s here in beijing and we just got back from breakfast =P hope all is well =D

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