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Astor Place

Posted on: January 15, 2009

After a whole day of apartment searching, I ended up choosing the first one I went into but the last one I actually saw.

I believe it’s the building on the left, the beige colored one. Or the red…

Anyways, if I get it, I’ll move in by the weekend hopefully. The previous tenants left the building recently so I have to get it renovated. It’s got amazing windows and TOO MUCH SPACE! too much that I’ll probably need another roommate to balance it off. Otherwise we’ll just have to host house parties and yoga sessions here.

I’ll post pictures once it’s actually decorated. Need to go buy furniture and all that hassle.
It’s snowing in NYC now. Very pretty flurries.

Met up with Elaine yesterday after a whole day of walking. Steph just got back. Should’ve seen Abe but he went to Dimsum. and I think my thyroid glands are swelling up so today, no more apartment hunting. I’m happy with what I saw and now just waiting to get paperwork done.

Honey Bunches of Oats is the best CEREAL ever! wow I missed it soo much and drinking whole milk without worrying about all that chemical scare is awesome!

Mommy arrives in town tomorrow night, yea apartments!


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