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Back In BigApple!!!

Posted on: January 13, 2009

I’m back!
Start looking for apartments tomorrow.
More Updates tomorrow!


It’s 9:24 am and i woke up at around 4, went to McD at around 6 and wow NYC actually sleeps. This 24hr breakfast place “around the clock” mysteriously closed for the morning. Can someone tell me why it’s still called 24hr breakfast? and the name around the clock? it serves no purposes no more.

NYC’s temperature is dropping significantly starting from today. It’ll be as cold as Beijing. So far I just want to hide away and hope no one would recognize me on the street. It’s been soo long that I don’t really know how to handle dealing with friends here lol. Sounds a bit extreme huh. Also that my voicemail is somehow ”invalid” is not making things any better for me.

Meeting up with two agents today. Let’s hope I find something really cute and comfy so all you peeps can come hang out with me.

Skin’s not feeling that great right now, so I’m drinking Evian to make it feel better. Everything’s soo expensive here! Having $500 cash and no cards make me feel a bit insecure. Lol I look at the dollar amounts and think of them in RMB then big oops haha.

Actually having nutritional labels on foods is not helping much either. I just keep on feeling fat.

Flying business class is the most amazing thing ever. Now that Beijing to NYC is only 12 and half hours away, I really think making a trip back there this summer is no problem.

Let’s just get ready for some intense AST sorority session and running into actual NYU people now!



2 Responses to "Back In BigApple!!!"

Welcome back! Where are you staying now, btw?

I’m at coral. Going to be here until I find my own apartment 🙂

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