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Can you believe it’s coming to an end?

Posted on: January 12, 2009

Most touching memory of the night: Sherry coming all the way over to Bellagio from campus just to say goodbye to me! with her note for me and a pair of earrings. This note is purple because it’s dedicated to her. She even remembered that the first time we met, I was wearing purple! and we’d hit it off so nicely! Only wish I can do more for her! 小雪你一定会来美国的!我会等着你来做我的visitor哟!!

Tina Bailey LinGe, TingGe, TaoGe, RanMo, Ceci, Ophelia, Locre, and Allen&Carol all were there for me! Several couldnt make it to dinner, but Juliet and Jack both came to help me out as much as they could!

After dinner, Carol and I had a long talk. She made me realize how much I should appreciate these friends I’ve got here! These pure friendship, meeting people for no purposes other than for a good time. No judging, no holding back, these people have shown their whole to me through this past semester. We could have a heart-to-heart talk AND go out and have a good time! Money is not the most they have, but they’d lend out a helping hand to me whenever I need one the most!

They understand me! Understand the hardship I may go through as a girl shuffling through metropolitans, so they offered to all take me to the airport!
These people in China amaze me and surprises me plenty everyday, with their jokes, their wittiness, and especially their intellects. I’m glad I’ve got to know each one of them by a bit. Though just a bit, it’s enough to leave a mark in my heart to remember them!

These friends, if we met in any other contexts, they might not have done so much for me. It’s the first time, that I actually feel that reciprocal love and friendship, yet I am left with nothing to give back! Only to thank them once, twice, and three times. But that’s still not enough.

These friends, they’ve made me want to come back here again! Even though I whine about getting bored with the city and all its surroundings, I cannot believe that I am actually leaving tomorrow! Leaving all of them behind. Promises to return this summer seemed so unreal a day ago, but now, it’d all come true!

On another note, after hanging out with such ”mature” and ”gentle” men, I don’t know how dating a college boy would be possible anymore. hmmmm

Goodbye Beijing,
NYC should be welcoming back soon!

and I guess it’s finally time to tell myself to move on again and grow up again~ work harder in school and try not to procrastinate, but that seems to never happen.


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