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Last two days in Beijing

Posted on: January 11, 2009

How fun had this whole semester been!

I can’t believe it’s almost coming to a halt. With fellow exchange buddies like Cari and Zhiwei leaving, I finally start to feel this weariness too.

I was never good at farewell parties. Having moved around too much and living with a jumpy personality, I’ve been all-over the place and desensitized all feelings.

Some Beida friends just finished their finals and are in the midst of joyparties; at the same time forgetting that I’m leaving them soon. Locre called me to go to Propaganda, saying we’ll meet up soon even if I couldn’t make it tonight. Jaycee msn’d to have lunch or dinner tomorrow, but I don’t have the time to just meet one person and not the rest. As for the rest of the crew, the other exchange students, at least I’ll get to see them hopefully. They’re all in North America at least. So maybe there was a reason I didn’t make friends with the Europeans and the Southeast Asians. Why going through all the trouble to become acquaintances when we’re all leaving after 4 months? Maybe I’m being a bit negative here, but seriously, why would anyone go through the whole parting process with someone they might never see again in their life!

Okay, I should be sad now. Having a final at 8am in the morning tomorrow on a subject I have no idea with. Packing is not going so great either. I thought I would have extra space, but it turns out I’d have to buy an extra carry-on bag!

Anyways, Back in america-land in 2 days. Wow.. this is like me leaving london going back to china and see hbby. It felt like such a long wait in the beginning, but when it’s all over, we realize things just pass by in a blur.


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