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Posted on: October 19, 2008

went to shanxi with friends and friend’s friends ;P
thanks darling for taking me along the ride. had much fun tho we slept most of it on the 7 hrs there and 7 hrs back~

there are these really old untouched ancient ruins of how chinese towns were like way back in the days. like when america wasn’t even there back in time.

our team just finished the jp morgan case competition. i spent my whole day, starting 8 am til 11pm with my teammates so we could finish this biz. i’m proud of our done work and will show u guys if i get into the finalists hehe~ the final piece just looked so pretty and i never knew i could be so good at making things looking so pretty 😉

Brian comes to visit tomorrow, but he’ll go back to australia on the 22nd i believe. oh i’ll miss this boy soo much~ ❤ we've been friends for 10 years and i have to go visit him sometimes.

now hoping my pku courses can get approved so i don’t have to take as many stern courses anymore.

xanga doesn’t work in china boo.

and my bday’s coming up in less than 3 weeks yeah?
cheers~ i’m planning a week of celebration leading up to my 2-0. this year, it’s gonna be awesome once again and we’ll have a make-up party for you friends back in nyu 😀


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that’s right helene, better make it up 🙂

-d money

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