Believe in the Power of the Universe

Posted on: October 7, 2008

i love my life in china.

went home for the national break and learnt that one of my classes got canceled for the semester, and that pretty much screwed up this friend’s mine’s life for now. and mine too~ now i’m thinking about taking empirical finance, whose final counts as 70% of the final grade@.@

i don’t know what these pku people are thinking. even their own students tell me how messed up this whole biz school is.. when they r called the guanghua school of management, but they can’t even manage their own things right.

now is clubfest, since i don’t have that many classes and i’m always waiting for different kinds of activities, guess i’ll go to as many of them as possible 😀 it’s like frosh year again! hooray~

haven’t gone clubbing lately, partially thanks to the national break i got a nice rest, and also my mom came back to bj with me so i gotta take her around too.

oooo cute boys in financial markets today.. not really but at least my eyes didn’t hurt when i looked at them.


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