Believe in the Power of the Universe

the last few days were lovely except that i got a cold.

the business admin at pku does a terrible job at making things convenient and easy for their students. i guess we really ought to appreciate what Stern has to offer us. don’t think i’ve ever said ”i miss nyu, i wish i were at stern” so much.

this apartment gives me a true sense of belonging here in beijing. though it would be much better to live downtown with the price i’m paying now. transportation can become such a hassle.

so far classes at pku kind of worked out alright. i’m hoping to get fm and fsa approved so i will not have to go thru the troubles that those classes usually bring to students.

sucks i have to go to different bookstores now to get copies of the pku textbooks because they’re out! and won’t be in the bookstores for awhile. where do they THINK i can find it omg?

YALE boy. sigh


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