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Now that I’m in Beijing

Posted on: September 3, 2008

This will take me awhile to type.
Not that it’s going to be long, but since i did my nails, they are so long now that i can’t really type write. nor text message, not even picking up coins on the street or ones fallen from my own wallet.


I’ve now officially arrived my city for the next four or more months. It’s big but not THAT big. The layout of the subway system is much like the tube in London. I’ve so far passed the Tiananmen Square several times, a place that does not bring me much happy memories. (Not because of the location, but of the time it reminds me of when I last visited. Anyways, everyone said Wudaokou is the place to party around PKU, but i couldn’t find those clubs at all! Do they pop up at night or what?

After asking around, I am semi-confirmed of living on the PKU campus. They have so few spots and thanks to Daddy’s friends, I can probably get a single. These buildings are only three-story high, like the ones we would see in Chinese movies. They were built in the 50s so there are no hot water running still and there is a communal toilet for all girls within the buildings. Not that many people in the building anyways. And in order to shower, I have to go to the communal bath outside of my dorm. Oh i’m in love with that building. It’s soo hard to find places like these now. But now since there’s no openings there yet, I’ll have to live at my current apartment that’s 20 RMB by taxi far from campus. It’s got a TV, nice balcony, kitchen, bathroom and all. Very cute. I’ll be sure to upload pics later on when I finally settle in 😀

There’s a swimming pool very close to my future dorm, and a tennis/badminton/basketball/volleyball court and other gyms around. Yeah Helene’s gonna get really athletic lol.

😀 I already don’t want to think about leaving here.
but I do still miss you guys~


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