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Posted on: August 21, 2008

dear all

i will be staying at pku.

man i wish my dad would make his opinion more clear next time something like this happens. i just need more of his confirmation and reassurance. daddy’s little girl doesn’t just spend daddy’s money but also needs daddy to back her up at times yeah?

some of you might be glad of this news, that i won’t be in nyc distracting you away from your busy selves and ur objectives (i.e. raising ur gpas, finding ur perfect internships, get as many bfs as possible in the shortest time).

i, on this side of the globe, will not have to force my mom to go to nyc tomorrow and find me an apartment asap. i’ve worked what my schedule would be if i were in nyc. it ain’t that bad. i’d have school four days a week instead of 2, which is actually better i think. i did too much during fall of sopho year now that i just want to relax and enjoy school.

thank you all for listening to me ranting about life and how fucked up this whole situation was.

i want to especially thank,
1. D money, for staying up so late at night to relieve my burdens.
2. Wei, for just giving me sum-ups of what my life has been and hopefully will be and just cheering me up in general.
3. Sayuri for sharing her upsetting london news with me.

and toiletbear, thanks for trying i guess.

i came home today from vacation and still have some of that cold virus i caught while staying by the beach. did my nails and now there are ”fruits” and bowties glued to them. totally fobby thing to do (i promise i haven’t done this all summer).

August 20th, was a special day for me last year. But sadly this year so much has changed and so many feelings went away that i feel unattached. i just want to stay home and enjoy my little life, not like a hermit but more like those living a quiet life.

but honestly, i miss parties and walking around in nyc and seeing sorority sisters mandatory or not. those kept me so busy, but now i choose to be different.

thank you all,
i ❤ those few of you out there.


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you're not staying there..forever..are you? cause your post made it sound like you are!

😦 miss you

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