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Posted on: August 14, 2008

I just came back from DaLian! NanNan and her boyfriend and I went together on the express train. The railroad and all of its associates have become so much better. I was not expecting clean seats, nice tables, and no one serving us. @.@ It was probably 30 degrees outside but in the train we had to wear long sleeves. Four hours later we arrived a pouring DaLian. The streets were covered with water. My shoes were almost gone. And we were all expecting the weather to be sunny since we just hoped it to be, so NanNan and I didnt bring any protective clothing nor tool.

*(omg my grammar’s becoming so bad, bear with me)*

The day of, we went to the newer Seaworld in Dalian (there are two). Spent two hours only saw the penguins and the whales and the dolphins. They were pretty tho. and their trainers are soooo cute!
Lots of pics taken here so go to Flickr and check them out.

Next day, we went to Discoveryland. They named the place after Disneyland probably. Even the outside fences look like those in Disneyland. Pictures are in Flickr as well. I have to admit, I took lots of pictures because I bought those dresses just recently and the colors look pretty on pictures. They pop lol

Anyways, so we stayed in the resort at the park, which is next to the oceanside. Went to the beach after we came out from Discoveryland. The waves were amazing! We rented two life-saving donuts, and stayed near the big waves so it felt like we were surfing lol. I got knocked out twice by the wave. Scary yeah, but friends were close by enough that at least i felt safe.

So on the boys part, I was supposed to meet NanNan’s boyfriend’s friends. Actually i saw one of them right off the train. But we had to part our ways since we were getting picked up by an uncle and her bf had to go with the friend. so then on our third night in Dalian, NanNan wanted me to ”really” meet that friend. But then we got so bored that afternoon that we just left and went home. So sorry, no boy stories really here haha.


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