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Posted on: August 4, 2008

so when i conditioned my hair, my stylist gave me some free streaking. now it’s prettier.

for pictures, go to

i think u can find me there. or just go to flickr and look for china leah..

it’s been really windy and hot.. dunno where the wind came from. it’s not as bad as beijing or some other really hot places in china, but the idea of sweating just from standing in the light is unbearable to moi.

The olympics starts in less than 4 days now. I originally planned to go back to california on the 7th with mother, but the idea of coming back to china two weeks later is also unbearable.

so all i’ve been doing lately is going shopping with mother and spa and walking around.
i watched Hancock with my HSBC friends. it’s hilarious, but the idea that i still haven’t seen kungfu panda is becoming unbearable.

ahhhh i love staying in china. though i think now my english is getting bad again cuz i only sing to chinese songs and watch chinese shows. but then who cares, that accent of mine’s pretty awesome yeah? hahahaa 😀


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