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Posted on: August 2, 2008

so my internship at hsbc ended this past thursday..

tho it was only about less than 30 working days in total, i learned as much as i could about working in international firms in china. they work at a much slower pace here. not necessarily less work than the u.s. but if u get an assistant who’s bad at teamwork=she’ll do everything for everybody, you’ll prolly go home early and have a good night of sleep everyday. they earn less too. even the ones that came straight from oxford with an mba.. only about 2000 dollars per month including overtimes… but they do cover living and other expenses.
with 2000 d in china, u’d be living an awesome life for those of you who didnt know.

so yesterday was my mom’s bday. also the day that my mom’s friend had set me up with a blind date.

eww not ”date” really.. according to the lady this boy graduated from QingHua U., one of the best U’s in China. born in ’81 and did lots of ”exciting” stuff like traveling abroad to do music concerts and such. now works at a privately owned bank in beijing and also according to her, has a promising future ahead of him since his dad is one of those officials back in our hometown.

so the ”date” turned out like this. we met up in a night club bar kinda place. he brought a hs friend who brought a female friend. the female friend did not talk at all and these two guys talked for the whole hour.. they did not look scholarly nor super well off but those ”i think i’m smart and rich” kinda chinese guys. figured they brought me to this place cuz they thought it’d be ”trendy” for me.. but these places r everywhere in nyc and they look the kinds that nvr hang out at places like these so basically they looked out of place at the bar..

luckily i looked bad enough on my part and him on his so my mom’s friend won’t feel awkward or anything.. oh gosh why did she even think this would be a perfect match for me.. i pictured the guy to be all tall and tough and knows how to treat a lady kinda.. but he’s soo skinny… and i wore heels so basically he turned out shorter! ergh.. weimeng must feel my pain lol.

so that’s it. i don’t think i’d go to any more blind dates because of this one guy… eww and he thought that i was prolly all trashy and crazy.. like an ”american” girl according to my mom’s friend before we met up.. what kinda person is this?? guess he doesn’t watch anything remotely american huh?

so all of us american educated asian girls r supposed to be slutty and crazy and smokers and drinkers… according to this guy… can’t stand prejudices from these ignorant ppl.


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OMG you went on a “blind” date!
and the stereotype of an american girl = WTFFFFFFF MAN. lollol


ok time to look at your pictures

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